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(07-12-2021, 02:26 PM)etihwnyrhtak Wrote: It is beautiful. Thanks to you all for such a labor of love. I have been rereading "A Philosophy of Education," and came across this quote in the beginning that reminded me of the free gift of AO:

On the contrary, he recognizes with King Arthur,- "These jewels, whereupon I chanced Divinely, are for public use." For many years we have had access to a sort of Aladdin's cave which I long to throw open 'for public use.' (p.28)

Thanks again to you all!

Wow!  Thanks so much for sharing this quote!  It does indeed so elegantly capture the heart of AO.  The new website is yet another jewel labored over in love for the delight of the public.  I feel like this gift is setting off another worldwide Day of Praise--what a wonderful way to begin the week!
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