Updated Master Booklist
Announcements/Updated Master Booklist
Yes, I post here after updating the document.
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For we are God’s handiwork, recreated in Christ Jesus, that we may do those good works which God predestined for us, that we should walk in them.
Announcements/Updated Master Booklist
Thank you for this! I just took it via a Numbers spreadsheet to my library’s book sale and picked up stacks of books I wouldn’t have known I needed until later years. Y’all just saved me tons of $$. I’m sure everyone thought I was annoying standing there staring at my phone in my hand, but I was able to use the “find” feature in the spreadsheet to search for books I saw on the shelf. It was super useful!
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Announcements/RE: Updated Master Booklist
I am thankful for your work on this! We are new to AO this year and I am just now collecting books we need for starting in the fall. Now I can keep a look out for others in the future too!
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