2016 AO Conference!!! SAVE THE DATE!!!!
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(04-28-2016, 01:29 PM)lklivingston Wrote: You couldn't do both Year 1 and something else at that timeslot. Overview 1-3 and Year 1 are a unit, one session.

We have each of the breakout sessions scheduled to be 45 minutes.  So - Special Needs is 45 minutes, Nature Study is 45 minutes, etc.  We had originally put, for instance, Overview of years 1-3, plus year 1, year 2, and year 3 in a double time block.  Then we realized we could divide it into *two* sessions, allowing attendees to go to more sessions.  

So now one breakout is, for instance, Overview of years 1-3 and year 1, and another breakout (in the next time slot) is Years 2 & 3. The same pattern happens with the other years. 

We tried to keep Teaching Reading at a different time than "Overview & Year 1" and "Years 2 & 3," on the assumption that attendees interested in reading would likely also be interested in those years.  

But creating a track (though I like the idea!) wasn't as cut and dried because many parents have children in all different years.  

What you see instead is four breakouts offered during each of the four time slots (there is one time slot that has five breakouts, because we can use the gym for Dawn's Swedish Drill.  We have access to four rooms for breakouts for the other three time slots).  

Each time slot has two "years" breakouts, one general topic (foreign language, reading, nature study, etc.) and one more CM philosophy breakout (Parents' Review article, Atmosphere/Discipline/Life, etc.) to choose from.  At least - that was kind of the plan  :)

This conference is packed.  Seriously.  It will be like being at a feast!  Rest up, and get ready to learn, fellowship, be challenged and inspired, and enjoy!
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