2016 AO Conference!!! SAVE THE DATE!!!!
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(04-29-2016, 06:47 AM)Lindsaytaylortaylor Wrote: So I feel bad if I attend the Y5-6 session for my upcoming year 6 but not the Y-4 for my upcoming Y 4 because of other sessions. Maybe I should
Just attend the general topic and philosophy sessions and not the year specific ones? If you had to choose, which would be more important?

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If I understand the schedule correctly, if you attend the year 4 you would also be getting a general overview of years 4-6.  If I had to choose I would go for the overview of all three years and get an in depth look at year 4.  But, like Amy Jo suggested, if you had already been through years 4 and 5 with your oldest, maybe you would benefit more from getting the in depth look at 5 and 6??  Just my two cents.  :)

I don't think you will be disappointed with either choice (and it won't be unfair to any of your children either ;;) rebuke that mama guilt!)
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