#AOCM2019 AmblesideOnline’s Camp Meeting 2019
Announcements/RE: #AOCM2019 AmblesideOnline’s Camp Meeting 2019
Yes! I love using my bookmarks (the official one snd the postcard poem one) and other little reminders that warm my heart with gratitude. What a gift of love that was. I felt like a daughter bequeathed with a heritage. Not a user of a curriculum.  Thank you Advisory: the AO mothers of us all
Hopeful mama to 3 dd -- 18 (graduate!), 15 (11th gr) & 13 (8th gr) -- currently dipping our toe into full-time classical private school (gulp)
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Announcements/RE: #AOCM2019 AmblesideOnline’s Camp Meeting 2019
Hi, friends! Reviving this old thread to ask if there are any plans for further AO Retreats? I would so enjoy a gathering. - Rachel
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