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(10-25-2018, 11:38 PM)CrystalStarr Wrote: Ahhh, women only.  That's too bad.  Hubby and I thought this was an answer to prayer for us to get on the same page for our homeschooling.  Well, now I'm not sure what to do in that area.  Darn.

There are many logistical reasons why AO Camp Meeting became a Women Only event for 2019 even though we knew this would be a disappointment to many people. I encourage those of you for which this is the case to adopt a different perspective rather than focusing on the disappointment factor, though. 

I think it is magnificent when dads want to participate in the homeschool and grow in their understanding of the CM philosophy, and I admire them for being the clear minority in attendance when they decide to join their wives at conferences. However, if I'm honest, a smidge of me also feels envy and resentment. Why doesn't my husband want to attend an event like this with me? Is he not as committed to homeschooling and his family as that woman's husband is? Fortunately, I can call this out for what it is - a seed of doubt planted by the enemy - and quickly quiet that harmful voice. But for some moms this could prove to be really devastating. 

Another friend pointed out to me that a Women Only event provides moms with security in expressing themselves without fear of how they might come across to the men in the room. Among fellow moms she likely would feel comforted that the majority of us understand where she's coming from. If there are a handful of men in the room then it changes the dynamic and she may not feel comfortable asking her question or expressing her opinion. 

These are just a few examples of how one could view this scenario. We are very hopeful that AO Camp Meeting will be an energizing and encouraging experience for those moms who are most in need of it. It is sad to hear that many people are disappointed by the choice to make it a Women Only event. I can understand your disappointment if your expectations were that this would be a family event. However, that was never the model we were working with as we began planning AO Camp Meeting. No one model would be universally pleasing to everyone, but we hope that the format of AO Camp Meeting will meet the needs of every mom who chooses to join us. 

As to the question of how a husband and wife can get on the same page for their homeschool - I think listening to audio of talks is a wonderful way to achieve just that! And we are very hopeful that we will have quality audio to offer the AO community after the event.
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