#AOCM2019 AmblesideOnline’s Camp Meeting 2019
Announcements/RE: #AOCM2019 AmblesideOnline’s Camp Meeting 2019
A HUGE thank you to the AO Advisory, [b]Guest Speakers, Auxiliary, and Projeny Panel[/b]

It has taken me awhile to bring my thoughts together after the AOCamp2019 retreat. Upon my return home after the weekend, my mother asked me, “Was it a homeschool conference or a ladies retreat?” My emphatic reply: “It was a homeschool retreat, a ladies retreat, plus some. Lots of some.” It was truly one of the most encouraging weekends that I have had for a very long time. 
To the Advisory
I was completely amazed at the depth of the leadership: of the history and continued development of AO, of your prayer focus for ALL aspects of the weekend, and of giving your hearts to us as you shared your life experiences and current struggles. My prayer for you, is that you are now able to rest, to recoup (in the midst of any chaos), and turn your minds to the “projects” that you want to work on in order to continue to develop AO, and bring it all into the next generation. 
Thank you for encouraging us to “do the best with what you have,” and to “let the books do the work.” For pointing us to the God of the universe, the author of all things, and reminding us that struggle (the nautilus) is okay, and actually a good thing. For the reminders that scary stories are good for our children to struggle through, so they can be equipped for the realities of life as they grow. For the reminders of looking at things simply, focusing on the things that matter, and that “order comes out of authority . . . . moral authority implies moral obligations.” For the reminder to pray, to stay in the Word, to continue to teach the Word to our children, to give what we have and to empty our hands. But, to pray, always pray.
Thank you for being authentic and transparent with us, and not sugar-coating things to make your lives something that they are not. For giving of your hearts.
To the Guest Speakers
Thank you for the concept that being “In the Middle” is exactly where the LORD has us at any given time. To rest at His feet, to be faithful and obedient in the midst of the middle. For the encouragement to “stand in the present, come from the past, and give our children the future.”
To the Auxiliary
Thank you for your tireless gifts to us throughout the year, the help you guide us through on the Forum, and your leadership in so many areas. Thank you for the break-out sessions that will continue to encourage us throughout the years.
To the Projeny Panel
Thank you for sharing with us the most important things that you remember: “the back 40,” the relationships that were built because of the living books, the bugs and dirt and play time, the struggles of conversations in one’s head when something in real life became a challenge, the fact that “it” never felt like school, “it” was just life. And the concept of being educated for life, not for college. 

And, thank you to all of everything that happened behind the scenes that none of us knew about!
<><  Michelle the Nomad: currently in Virginia, Alaska, Kenya, SoCal, Denver, Wash DC, Richmond VA
Wife to my best friend and hero; Mama to Grace (AO Grad) and Joy (Yr10)
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