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Full Version: Updated Master Booklist
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If you have it open as a Sheet, the File menu gives you a Create a Copy option.
I have now finished marking titles that are free online on the main booklist, and I've moved the essays, documents, etc. to a separate tab. I have not yet marked the free online free reads for the HEO years, which are on their own tab already, nor have I added the Year 0 books.
I'm not sure if this applies here, but there are new titles available on the free Librivox from this list. Some of us are working hard to get all the books in the public domain recorded into audiobooks :)

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Post notifications of each of those in the Tech Support Typos thread. Then we can add them at the next update!
I have a question, which may save me a lot of time if I can only understand why the booklist is made this way. Why are the HEO Free Reads on another tab? I just a few months ago finished moving them all over to my own master booklist, so that I can easily look up books when I'm shopping. What is the rationale for keeping them in a separate list? Thanks!
There are way too many of them, and you don't have to buy them all.

The idea is that they would overwhelm the master list. But it's easy to copy and paste onto the main tab if you prefer having them together. I myself like to have just one list too.
Oh my goodness, I feel SO STUPID! But I have to share. :-) Tonight I started copying each book on the Free Reads list and pasting it into the master list where it belonged in alphabetical order... just like I did with the previous booklist. I was about 25 entries down the list, thinking to myself, "Now, why did Kathy say this was easy? It's rather annoyingly time-consuming." Then I suddenly realized I could copy and paste the entire Free Reads list and then sort by author again. Wow, have I wasted a lot of time on this project!

But thank you for the new list with easy visibility of which books are available for free!
I should have mentioned that. . . :-)
I don't think this list incorporates the upper years' free reads (Y7-Y12). Are there any lists which do?
I think they're on a second tab in the excel file, DG.

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