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Full Version: Updated Master Booklist
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I just discovered this. This is BEAUTIFUL, ladies!! Thank you!!!
I just added the alternate high school geography options to a separate tab on the Google sheet.  Be sure to consult the Geography page ( for more information about them, as many need previewing.
I signed up for notifications of changes to the document (which is awesome). This most recent change, of a few days ago, was it just to the earliest year used column?

Thanks so much!
Oh sorry! I forgot to note it here. I removed a Year 9 book, The Christian Life.
(04-19-2016, 03:05 AM)lklivingston Wrote: [ -> ]Oh sorry! I forgot to note it here. I removed a Year 9 book, The Christian Life.
I don't know where else to ask so here it is: Why was this book removed?

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Explore His Earth by Voskamp was an optional Natural History/Science selection in Year 3. That has been removed. (If you own it, you could still use it to supplement MHLW some weeks during Years 4 and 5.)
Disappearing Spoon has been removed as a free read for Year 7.
In Year 5, we had suggested any biography of Isaac Newton.  Now we are scheduling Ocean of Truth (but you can substitute another biography if you prefer).  I have updated the booklist to reflect this.

I've also added a note at the top reminding everyone that you can copy the document to your own Google Drive or download it to your computer and then make any changes you like to your own copy.  This is helpful for sorting it and for recording what you've already purchased.
Thank you for working so diligently on the booklist. So awesome to have the best of literature right at my fingertips. You guys are amazing!!!!
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