AmblesideOnline: Year 9

"And all the time we have books, books teeming with ideas fresh from the minds of thinkers upon every subject to which we can wish to introduce children."

Charlotte Mason, Volume 3, p. 171

Year 9 begins high school. Students continue studying Plutarch's Lives as well as a Shakespearean play each term. They will continue with daily copywork, as well as studied dictation and grammar study. Every scheduled reading will still be narrated, either orally or in writing. Written narration should increase to more often than once a week, serving as further preparation for composition. Foreign language study continues as begun in previous years, alongside the study of Latin.

Complete Course of Study for Year 9

BASIC: I just want to see what I need - a basic, stripped down version, without a lot of options to choose from and a bit of a lighter load.
Year 9 Curriculum, Basic/Lite Version
and its 36-Week Schedule

WITH OPTIONS: I want to see all of my options and be able to make choices.
Year 9 Curriculum, Detailed
and its 36-Week Schedule

A Basic Overview of Year 9
BibleHistoryGeographyScience and Math
2 Kings, Chronicles, Obadiah, Jonah

Acts, James, Galatians
1688-1815 including French and American revolutions

Salem Witch Trials

Declaration of Independence

George Washington
Lewis and Clark

other options
Science program


Nature Writings

Nature Study Math
Plutarch's Lives


Political Science
Language ArtsLiteratureForeign LanguageMusic and Arts

Oral and Written Narration



Pope, Cowper, Byron

Gulliver's Travels, Count of Monte Cristo, and more. . .
Modern Language

Hymns and Folk Songs

Artist/picture study


Drawing and Handicrafts