Articles and Discussion

Articles and discussions on a variety of Charlotte Mason-related topics, many written by the AO Advisory.

Charlotte Mason

An Imaginary Conversation With a Great Mind - A Study of CM's Principle 8 by Tammy Glaser
An Oyster and a Jewel - A Study of CM's Principle 10 by Lynn Bruce
The Spiritual Octopus - A Study of CM's Principle 11 by Lynn Bruce
A Magical Expansion - A Study of CM's Principle 12 by Lynn Bruce
Imparting Living Ideas to Children Advisory comments
Toward a Definition of a Living Book by Colleen Manning
List of Attainments: Charlotte Mason's lists of what a child know at age six, and at age 12
Memories of a P.N.E.U. Education by Christine Verspaandonk
The Triumph of Saint Thomas Aquinas and the Allegory of Christian Learning by Tim Laurio

The AmblesideOnline Curriculum

AmblesideOnline Acronyms and Abbreviations
Art Study: Gauguin, Cezanne, Seurat
Beginning AO With Older Students
Book Selection: The books used (and not used) by AO
Composers and Artists by Historical Era
Criteria in AO Selections
Exams Discussion
Experiences With AO
Fearfully and Wonderfull Made - Discussion
Foreign Language
Free Reading: How to incorporate AO's extra suggested books
History FAQ
How Does AO Compare to Other Curriculums/Methods?
How I Use AO by Donna-Jean Breckenridge
Lexile Reading Levels of AO Books
Medieval Era Music by Lynn Bruce and Wendi Capehart
Page Counts by Year and Term
Phonics Discussion
Placement For Those Coming From the Textbook World by Cheri Hedden
Should Pictures Have a Place in Education? by Wendi Capehart
Statement Regarding This Country Of Ours
The Gaps: What if we forget to teach something? by Wendi Capehart
The Once and Future King book discussion
Using Old Books
What Year/Level Should I Place My Child?
Where to Get The Books that AO uses
Why does AO use evolutionary books like CHOW and Story of Mankind?
Review of Story of Mankind by Charlotte Mason
Why Read the KJV? by Lynn Bruce
Year 1 Primer: Tips on Implementing AO for Beginners
Year 7 Books - Wendi Capehart explains why each Year 7 book was chosen
You Know You're Hooked On AO When . . . (A fun look at AO)


Scheduling Tips
Sample Schedules and Suggestions from Users
One Advisory Member's Schedules
Should I Combine Children in One Year to Streamline our Schedule?

Special Needs

Learning Disabilities by Donna-Jean Breckenridge
Placement For Learning-Disabled Students by Cheri Hedden
Using AmblesideOnline with a Special Needs Child

Books and Reading

Advisory and Auxiliary Favorite Books
Be Still, My Beating Heart by Amanda Witt
Books Build Character by Wendi Capehart
Christians, Charlotte Mason and Fairy Tales
Escapist Literature by Wendi Capehart
Grimm's Fairy Tales: Suggestions for Edits
Poems and Books for Baby
Reading Aloud: Does CM discourage it? discussion
Savoring Books: The Benefit of Reading Slowly
The Benefits of Mother Goose
Year 13 and Beyond: A Lifetime Reading List

Other Topics

Additional Riches: suggested art and music for those who wish to add some variety to AO's regularly-scheduled terms
Cultural Fun: Ideas For Including Culture by Wendi Capehart
Ebooks: Downloading to Your Device
Ebooks: Printing Them Out
Legally Downloading Music by Kathy Livingston
Shearing Samson - the Place of Films in a Literary Education by Lynn Bruce
Teaching Music Appreciation
The Artistic Ordering of Life by Albert S. Cook
The Virtues of Tea by Lynn Bruce
Worldview Book Options

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