List of Hans Christian Andersen Tales

Complete Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales

If you prefer to use Hans Christian Andersen Tales, these are some of the better ones. Some parents prefer Andersen's stories because of their moral, Christian tone as opposed to Lang's stories with witches and goblins, but some parents find his tales sad or morbid. You can read a very brief synopsis of each of these stories here.

01 The Beetle Who Went on his Travels
02 The Brave Tin Soldier (1838)
03 The Buckwheat
04 The Conceited Apple-Branch
05 The Emperor's New Suit (1837)
06 The Fir Tree
07 The Flax
08 The Girl Who Trod on the Loaf (1859)
09 The Goblin and the Huckster (1853)
10 The Happy Family
11 The Jewish Maiden
12 The Jumper
13 The Last Dream of the Old Oak
14 The Little Elder-tree Mother
15 Little Ida's Flowers
16 The Little Match-Seller (1846)
17 Little Tiny or Thumbelina (1835)
18 The Loveliest Rose in the World
19 The Mail-Coach Passengers
20 The Nightingale (1844)
21 The Old Church Bell
22 The Old Grave Stone
23 The Old House
24 The Pea Blossom
25 The Pen and the Inkstand
26 The Philosopher's Stone
27 The Porter's Son
28 The Princess and the Pea (1835)
29 The Red Shoes (1845)
30 The Shirt-collar
31 The Silver Shilling
32 The Snail and the Rose-Tree (1861)
33 The Snowdrop
34 Something
35 Soup From a Sausage Skewer
36 The Ugly Duckling (1844)
37 The Wicked Prince
38 The Wild Swans (1838)
39 There Is No Doubt About It
40 The Candles (1870)

Some AO moms have posted that, in addition to some of those listed, their family favorites include The Snow Queen (which is long), The Little Mermaid and Little Claus and Big Claus.