AmblesideOnline: A Child's Geography of the World Chapters

by Virgil M. Hillyer, revised by Edward G. Huey, 1929
438 pages, each chapter 4-7 pages, easily read in one sitting

Follow the author as he plays conductor and takes a trip around the world.

Tattle Tales (Contents)

1. The World Through a Spy Glass (the world from space)
2. The World is Round, for I've Been Round It (mentions millions of years evolution)
3. The Inside of the World (cross section of the earth)
4. The Endless Parade (all the people on earth)
5. The 13 Club (American colonies)
6. A City Built in a Swamp (Washington DC)
7. Mary's Land, Virginia's State, and Penn's Woods (New England)
8. The Empire State (New York)
9. Yankee Land (New England)
10. Five Big Puddles (Great Lakes USA)
11. The Father of Waters (Mississippi River)
12. The Fountain of Youth (Florida)
13. The Covered Wagon (western US)
14. Wonderland (Grand Canyon, Yellowstone western US)
15. The 'Est, 'Est, West (California)
16. The 'Est, 'Est, West continued (Alaska)
17. Next-Door Neighbors (Canada)
18. The War-God's Country (Mexico)
19. So Near and Yet So Far (Central America)
20. Pirate Seas (Caribbean, Cuba, Haiti, etc)
21. North South America (Ecuador, Peru)
22. Rubber and Coffee Land (Amazon River, Brazil)
23. Silver Land and Sliver Land (Argentina, Chile)
24. The Bridge Across the Ocean (Atlantic Ocean)
25. The Land of the Angles (London)
26. The Land of the Angles continued (England)
27. The Englishman's Neighbors (Wales, Ireland)
28. Parlez-vous Francais? (Paris)
29. Parlez-vous Francais? continued (France)
30. The Land Below the Sea (Belgium, Holland)
31. Castles in Spain (Gibraltar, Granada)
32. Castles in Spain continued (Madrid, Portugal)
33. The Land in the Sky (Switzerland)
34. The Boot Top (Venice)
35. The Gates of Paradise and the Dome of Heaven (Florence)
36. The Dead and Alive City (Rome, St. Peter's)
37. A Pile of Ashes a Mile High (Mt. Vesuvius)
38. Wars and Fairy-Tales (Germany)
39. The Great Danes (Denmark)
40. Fish, Fiords, Falls, and Forests (Scandinavia)
41. Fish, Fiords, Falls, and Forests continued (Norway, Sweden)
42. Where the Sun Shines All Night (tip of Norway)
43. The Bear (Russia)
44. The Bread-Basket (southern Russia, Caspian Sea,)
45. The Iron Curtain Countries (Poland, Romania, Yugoslavia)
46. The Land of the Gods (Greece)
47. The Land of the New Moon (Turkey)
48. The Ship of the Desert (Asian camels)
49. A 'Once-Was' Country (Asia Minor)
50. A Land Flowing With Milk and Honey (the Holy Land)
51. The 'Exact Spots' (Jerusalem, Israel)
52. The Garden of Eden (Nineveh, Bagdad)
53. The Land of Bedtime Stories (Arabia, Mohammed)
54. The Lion and the Sun (Persia/Iran)
55. Opposite-Feet (Calcutta, India)
56. Opposite-Feet continued (Bombay, Hindus)
57. The White Elephant (Siam, Thailand, Burma)
58. The Land of Devils (Tibet)
59. Dragon Land (China)
60. Dragon Land continued (China)
61. Where the Thermometer Freezes Up (Siberia)
62. A Giant Sea-Serpent (Japan)
63. Picture Post-Cards (Fuji, Japan)
64. Man-Made Mountains (Egyptian pyramids)
65. Robber Lands and Desert Sands (Morocco, Sahara Desert)
66. Afraid of the Dark (Africa, Livingstone)
67. Zoo Land (African jungles)
68. The End of the Rainbow (South African diamonds)
69. Fortune Island (Australia)
70. Cannibal Islands (South Sea Islands, Hawaii)
71. Journey's End (Home)