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AO for Groups Sample Student Roster -

How Forms and A, B, C Years Work in AO for Groups?

It looks more confusing than it is.

Let's say you're starting a new co-op with 5 or 6 families. You sort students into Form 1 (grades 1-3), Form 2 (grades 4-6), and Form 3 (grades 7-9). The first year, everyone does Rotation A, so your co-op roster might look like this:

Form 1 A

Hannah age 6    
Riley age 6
Kwon Ji-Yong age 7        
William age 7
Fiona age 8
Khumar age 8

Form 2 A

Davina age 9
Joseph age 9
Ryan age 10
Zoe age 10
Elsa age 11
Lawrence age 11   

Form 3 A

Nevaeh age 12
Samuel age 12
Sarah age 13
Lamar age 13
Diego age 14
Lucy age 14

The following year, everyone is a year older. A couple of younger siblings have finally aged into Form 1, and some students have moved up to the next Form. Diego and Lucy have moved up to Form 4 (we intend to have a Form 4 for them by then!) In this second year, everyone does Rotation B. This year's roster might look like this:

Form 1 B

Mateo age 6
Marisela age 6   
Hannah age 7
Riley age 7
Kwon Ji-Yong age 8     
William age 8

Form 2 B

Fiona age 9
Khumar age 9
Davina age 10
Joseph age 10   
Ryan age 11
Zoe age 11

Form 3 B

Elsa age 12
Lawrence age 12   
Nevaeh age 13
Samuel age 13
Sarah age 14
Lamar age 14

The year after that, some students have moved up and a couple of new students have become old enough to start Form 1. Sarah and Lamar have moved up to Form 4. This year, everyone does Rotation C.

Because some students are joining in or moving up at different times, it's more necessary than ever that students keep some sort of timeline. Students in schools that work this way don't have a problem keeping their eras and times sorted if they keep a timeline or Book of Centuries.

Form 1 C

Katie age 6
Michael age 6
Mateo age 7
Marisela age 7   
Hannah age 8
Riley age 8

Form 2 C

Kwon Ji-Yong age 9        
William age 9   
Fiona age 10
Khumar age 10
Davina age 11
Joseph age 11

Form 3 C

Ryan age 12
Zoe age 12
Elsa age 13
Lawrence age 13   
Nevaeh age 14
Samuel age 14

The co-op or school is now starting on its fourth year (can you believe it?) and the cycle starts over again, with everyone repeating Rotation A, but some students have moved up and others have joined, so no student is doing the same thing over again. Nevaeh and Samuel have moved up to Form 4.

Form 1 A

Lamar age 6
Johnny age 6
Katie age 7
Michael age 7
Mateo age 8
Marisela age 8   

Form 2 A

Hannah age 9   
Riley age 9
Kwon Ji-Yong age 10       
William age 10
Fiona age 11
Khumar age 11

Form 3 A

Davina age 12
Joseph age 12
Ryan age 13
Zoe age 13
Elsa age 14
Lawrence age 14