AmblesideOnline PNEU Preschool Programme [1949?]

Pages 5, 6, 7 still to come.

[pages 8 and 9 missing]

New Testament Pictures (Lutterworth Press, 1 1/2 d. each).
Shaw's Wall Pictures illustrating Old and New Testament Stories (see catalogue, price 2d., from McDougall's Educational Supply Co., Ltd., 80-82, Great Junction Street, Edinburgh).
Zoo Man Favourites, by D. Seth-Smith (Littlebury 20/6).
Wild Animals at Home, Animals that Help Us, Feathered Friends of Field and Forest, Feathered Friends of Streams and Shore, by E. Helme.
Shaw's Child Life in Other Lands Wall Pictures, 20x50 (see catalogue as above).

(b) Stories to be read.

Verses to hear and to learn.

Hymns to sing and to learn. Prayers.

Songs. Rhythmic Games.

Reading and Writing.


(j) Simple Crafts; materials, tools.