AmblesideOnline: Brutus

These divisions line up with Anne White's study guide for Brutus. Abridged versions may lack incidents discussed on the study guide.

Selected Lives and Essays translated by Louise Ropes Loomis: her version does not include Brutus

Plutarch's Lives for Boys and Girls by W. H. Weston

Week 1: beginning to "I am well if you have on hand any design worthy of yourself."
Week 2: from "From this time the two leaders secretly spoke of the plot" to "stabbed in the hand; all were covered with blood."
Week 3: from "Thus was Caesar killed. Then Brutus stood forth" to "he did not venture to return to Rome."
Week 4: from "The arrival of the young Caesar brought about another change" to "the brother of Antony, who was sent against him."
Week 5: from "Brutus was about to set out for Asia, when news came" to "from the faith which men had in his motives."
Week 6: from "While the two were at Smyrna, Brutus applied to Cassius" to "they all made merry over the feast."
Week 7: from "On the following day Lucius Pella, who had been" to "spirits of the soldiers and increase their courage." (divides middle of paragraph)
Week 8: from middle of paragraph "Before the battle there were some signs and omens" to "and also rapidly brought up the infantry."
Week 9: from "At the time the soldiers of Antony were engaged in cutting trenches" to "Cassius was afterwards found severed from the body."
Week 10: from "It was soon discovered that the approaching cavalry were friends" to "he was not even brought into the presence of Brutus."
Week 11: from "That night, it is said, the spectre again appeared to Brutus" to "Antony found Lucilius faithful to his interests."
Week 12: from "Meanwhile Brutus, flying from the battlefield" to end

Plutarch's Lives, Shortened and Simplified by Grace Voris Curl - This is abridged to the extent that the study guide will be of limited use. We suggest using this to supplement, rather than replace, a more complete version.

Week 1: Page 339 to 342 ending, "...for the driving out of the tyrant."
Week 2: P. 339-344 ending, "...fell dead at the foot of Pompey's statue."
Week 3: p. 344-345 ending, " there seemed no doubt they would."
Week 4: p. 345-346 ending, "...solely for the freedom of their country."
Week 5: p. 346-346 ending in mid-paragraph, "...Smyrna, in Asia."
Week 6: p. 346 mid-paragraph beginning, "Brutus had such a fleet..." - p. 347 ending, "...and Brutus invited the guests."
Week 7: p. 347- 348 ending, "better off than Octavius."
Week 8: p. 348-349 ending, "...draw up their troops."
Week 9: p. 349-349 ending, "...Cassius lying dead before them."
Week 10: p. 349-350 ending, " was not believed."
Week 11: p. 350-350 mid-paragraph ending, "...undermined the courage of Brutus's soldiers."
Week 12: p. 350-end

Our Young Folks' Plutarch by Rosalie Kaufman (Marcus Brutus) - This is abridged to the extent that the study guide will be of limited use. We suggest using this to supplement, rather than replace, a more complete version.

Week 1: to "went on his way to interview his friends. So the conspiracy grew."
Week 2: from "On the Ides of March the senate met" to "the murderers in their eagerness actually wounded one another."
Week 3: from "It had been suggested that Antony ought" to "until the fury of the people had abated." (middle of paragraph)
Week 4: from middle of paragraph "Meanwhile, Octavius Caesar, whom the great conqueror had adopted" to "and an ample supply of horses and arms." (middle of paragraph)
Week 5: from middle of paragraph "He then went over to Asia, where Cassius" to "Cassius to move on with him to Europe without further delay." (middle of paragraph)
Week 6: none
Week 7: from middle of paragraph "A strange story is told of a so-called apparition" to "than they would if it were less valuable."
Week 8: from "Before the battle began there were many bad omens" to "we have no cause to fear those that do."
Week 9: from "So the two commanders set about completing their arrangements" to "and marched to the relief of his friend."
Week 10: from "He found the camp deserted and Cassius dead" to "had the best positions on land as well as at sea."
Week 11: from "Nevertheless, it was three o'clock in the afternoon before Brutus" to "who forever after was his faithful friend."
Week 12: from "The army of Brutus met with a total defeat" to end

Thanks to Christy Hissong for help with these divisions.