Lexile Reading Ratings

List member Anabel posted this to the list; she graciously allowed it to be re-posted on the website.

I pulled this together for a conversation I was having with a friend, and I thought other folks might find it interesting too. Not all the books on the AO lists are scored on the Lexile site, but enough were in Years 1 through 3 to make this interesting.

I'm not trained in this or anything, but I'm looking at this as being useful both as reading-comprehension level and as listening-comprehension level. I know my daughter can listen and comprehend higher level books than she can read; this is just interesting to see where that falls. You can also take the Lexile number to their website and ask it to suggest more books at that level, and the best part is that you can also tell it what age range you need suggestions for. So you can control appropriate content, to some degree, which is extremely useful for folks with kids whose maturity level/age doesn't match their reading level.

And, honestly, it's no wonder kids doing AO can read the amazing literature listed in years 7 and up. They've been building their listening and reading skills at a very high level from the very beginning.

Have fun!

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Here are some ideas of what the numbers mean:
     500-600 Third Grade
     600-800 Fourth Grade
     800-900 Fifth Grade
     900-1000 Sixth Grade
     1100 Ninth Grade
     1200 Eleventh Grade
     1300 Twelfth Grade/College Freshman
     1400 College Junior
     1500+ Graduate Level

Year 1
Lang: Blue Fairy Book 1180 (9th grade)
Kipling: Just So Stories 1060 (6-7th grade)
Holling: Paddle to the Sea 840 (5th grade)
Nesbit: her Shakespeare isn't listed, but her other books are around 1000 (9th grade)
Lamb: Stories from Shakespeare 1390 (12th grade)
White: Charlotte's Web 680 (4th grade)
Ruskin: King of the Golden River 1160 (9th grade)
Barrie: Peter Pan 920 (6th grade)
Wilder: Little House in the Big Woods 930 (6th grade)

Year 2
Pyle: Robin Hood 1260 (11th grade)
Fisher: Understood Betsy 1000 (6th grade)
Holling: Pagoo 940 (6th grade)
Holling: Seabird 810 (5th grade)
Grahame: Wind in the Willows 1140 (9th grade)
Holling: Tree in the Trail 820 (5th grade)
Bunyan: Pilgrim's Progress 1140 (9th grade)
Shepard: Mary Poppins 840 (5th grade)
Lofting: Story of Doctor Dolittle 580 (3th grade)
Henry: Brighty of the Grand Canyon 880 (5th grade)
Lothrop: Five Little Peppers and How They Grew 860
Atwater: Mr. Popper's Penguins 910 (6th grade)
De Angeli: Door in the Wall 990 (6th grade)

Year 3
Stoutenburg: American Tall Tales 910 (6th grade)
Holling: Minn of the Mississippi 910 (6th grade)
MacDonald: Princess and the Goblin 1030 (6th grade)
Stanley: Good Queen Bess 1060 (6-7th grade)
Kipling: Jungle Book 1140 (9th grade)
Kingsley: Water Babies 1070 (6th grade)
Carroll: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 890 (5th grade)
Brink: Caddie Woodlawn 890 (5th grade)
DeJong: The Wheel on the School 710 (4th grade)

Year 4
Holling: Minn of the Mississippi 910L (6th grade)
Stevenson: Kidnapped 990L (6th grade)
Bober: Abigail Adams: Witness to a Revolution 1130L (9th grade)
Bulfinch: Age of Fable 1190L (9th grade)
Burnford: Incredible Journey 1320L (12th grade)
Defoe: Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe 1360L (12th grade)
Irving: Legend of Sleepy Hollow 1460L (College Junior)
Plutarch's Greek Lives 1690L; Stadter version (Graduate Level)