Story of Inventions: Schedule

A 36-week schedule you can print out and stick in the book.

Week 1
Ch.1: James Watt & the Invention of the Steam Engine - Captured by Steam (pgs 1-10)

Week 2
Ch.1 cont: Finding the Trouble - end of chapter (pgs 11-24)

Week 3
Ch.2: Robert Fulton & the Invention of the Steamboat - Fulton's Early Life pgs 25-36)

Week 4
Ch.2 cont: Studying Art in London - Experimenting with Steamboats (pgs 37-45)

Week 5
Ch.2 cont: Building the Clermont - end of chapter (pgs 46-54)

Week 6
- Nothing scheduled this week

Week 7
Ch.3: George Stephenson & the Invention of the Locomotive - The First Railroads & Locomotives (pgs 55-68)

Week 8
Ch.3 cont: Stephenson's First Locomotive - end of chapter 69-82)

Week 9
Ch.4: Invention of the Electric Engine & Electric Locomotive - The Electromagnet (pgs 83-92)

Week 10
Ch.4 cont: The First Dynamo - end of chapter (pgs 93-100)

Week 11
Ch.5: Invention of the Spinning Machines - James Hargreaves & the Spinning Jenny (pgs 101-106)

Week 12
Ch.5 cont: Richard Arkwright & the Water Frame - end of chapter (pgs 107-120)

Week 13
Ch.6: Eli Whitney and the Invention of the Cotton Gin - A Visit to the South (pgs 121-128)

Week 14
Ch.6 cont: Inventing the Cotton Gin - end of chapter (pgs 129-140)

Week 15
Ch.7: Elias Howe and the Invention of the Sewing Machine - The First Sewing Machines (pgs 141-148)

Week 16
Ch.7 cont: Making His First Sewing Machine - Exhibiting the Machine (pgs 149-154)

Week 17
Ch.7 cont: Offering the Machine to England - end of chapter (pgs 155-168)

Week 18
Ch.8: Cyrus H. McCormick and the Invention of the the Reaper - McCormick's First Reaper (pgs 169-179)

Week 19
Ch.8 cont: Selling Reapers in the East - end of chapter (pgs 180-192)

Week 20
Ch.9: Henry Bessemer and the Making of Steel - Preparing for Work (pgs 193-201)

Week 21
Ch.9 cont: Making Art Castings and Stamping Dies - Making Bronze Powder (pgs 202-210)

Week 22
Ch.9 cont: His Master Invention - end of chapter (pgs 211-222)

Week 23
Ch.10: John Gutenberg and the Invention of Printing - The Discovery of Type Metal (pgs 223-234)

Week 24
Ch.10 cont: Inventing the Printing Press - end of chapter (pgs 235-246)

Week 25
Ch.11: Samuel F.B. Morse and the Invention of the Telegraph - Planning the Electric Telegraph (pgs 247-258)

Week 26
Ch.11 cont: Making the First Instrument - end of chapter (pgs 259-270)

Week 27
Ch.12: Alexander Graham Bell and the Invention of the Telephone - Teacher of the Deaf and Dumb (pgs 271-280)

Week 28
Ch.12 cont: Birth of the Telephone - end of chapter (pgs 281-294)

Week 29
Ch.13: Thomas A. Edison (pgs 295-304)

Week 30
Ch.14: Orville and Wilbur Wright (pgs 305-314)

Week 31
Ch.15: Guglielmo Marconi (pgs 315-320)

Week 32
Ch.16: John L. Baird and the Invention of the Television (pgs 321-326)

Week 33
Ch.17: John P. Holland and the Submarine (pgs 327-334)

Week 34
Ch.18: Wernher Von Braun and the Rockets to the Moon (pgs 335-345) (if you're using the online text, you might find another book or online article about the history of space travel.)

Week 35
Ch.19: The Invention of the Computer (pgs 346-353) (if you're using the online text, you might find another book or online article about the history of computers.)

Week 36
None this week

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