Book of Marvels

These books are sometimes compiled into one volume and titled The Complete Book of Marvels
Book of Marvels: The Occident
by Richard Halliburton, 1937

1. A Marvelous Bridge (The Bay Bridge, California)
2. The Golden Gate (San Francisco, California)
3. The Highest Waterfall (Yosimite Falls, California)
4. The Deepest Canyon (The Grand Canyon, Colorado/Arizona)
5. The Greatest Dam (Boulder Dam, Colorado River)
6. Niagara (Niagara Falls, Canada/New York)
7. New York (New York City)
8. Washington (Washington DC)
9. Fort Jefferson (Gulf of Mexico)
10. Popocatepetl (central Mexico)
11. The Rain God's City (Chicen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico)
12. Christophe's Castle (Haiti)
13. The Panama Canal (Central America)
14. The Angel Architects (Machu Picchu, Peru)
15. Iguaza Falls (Argentina/Brazil)
16. The River of January (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
17. Gibraltar (Spain)
18. Carcassonne (castle in southern France)
19. Mount St. Michael (castle in northern France; (Video on YouTube))
20. The Ornament and the Honor of France (Reims Cathedral/Notre Dame, France)
21. The Tiger of the Alps (Matterhorn, Switzerland)
22. The Monastery of St. Bernard (Switzerland/Italy)
23. St. Peter's (Rome, central Italy)
24. August 24th, in the Year 79 (Mt. Vesuvius, southern Italy)
25. The City That Rose From the Dead (Pompeii, southern Italy)
26. The Magic Grotto (Blue Grotto, Capri, off Italy)
27. Athena's Temple (Athens, Greece)
28. No Woman's Land (Simopetra, Orthodox monastery, Mount Athos, northern Greece)
29. The Heart of Russia (Moscow)
30. The Mother of Churches (Santa Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey)

These books are sometimes compiled into one volume and titled The Complete Book of Marvels

Second Book of Marvels: The Orient
by Richard Halliburton, 1938

1. The Travels of Demetrius (Greece and Ephesus, Turkey)
2. Halicarnassus (King Mausolus's tomb, western Turkey)
3. The Colossus (Rhodes, off Turkey)
4. The Pharos (lighthouse, Alexandria, Egypt)
5. The First Wonder of the World (Sphinx and Pyramids, Egypt)
6. The Pyramids Today (Cairo, Egypt)
7. The Labyrinth (Knossos, Crete)
8. The Slave City (Timbuctoo, western Africa)
9. The Smoke That Sounds (spray from Victoria Falls, south Africa)
10. Allah's Children (Mecca, Saudi Arabia)
11. The Enchanted Temple (Petra, Holy Land)
12. The Dead Sea (Holy Land)
13. The Rock of Abraham (Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem)
14. Treasure Hunters (Solomon's Temple, Jerusalem)
15. Baalbek (Temple of Jupiter, Syria)
16. Zenobia (Queen of Palmyra, Syria)
17. The Prince and the Flying Carpet (Bagdad, Persia/Iraq)
18. Babylon (Iraq)
19. Home of the Nightingales (Madrasa College and Isfahan, Persia)
20. Wonderland (Udaipur, western India)
21. My Hindu Princess (Palace in Udaipur, western India)
22. A Love Story (Taj Majal, Agra, India)
23. The Glory of Asia (Taj Majal, Agra, India)
24. The Top of the World (Mt. Everest, Nepal/Tibet)
25. Land of Mystery (Lhasa, Tibet)
26. Palace of the Living Gods (Bhuddist Dalai Lama, Lhasa, Tibet)
27. Thirty Million Idols (Hindu temple, Madura, southern India)
28. A Tale From the Jungle (Indo-China temple, Angkor, Cambodia)
29. The Great Stone Serpent (Great Wall, China)
30. The Magic Mountain (Fujiyama, Japan)

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