George Washington's World: Schedule

by Genevieve Foster

Year 4 Readings for the Expanded Edition by Joanna Foster published by Beautiful Feet Books
Schedule compiled by AO Forum member TariOronar (Kara)

Week 13
George Washington's World: 1732 (preface) pg ix
     A boy of Virginia pg 5
     Daniel Boone, a boy of the backwoods pg 10
     John Adams, farmer boy pg 12
     John Hancock, a boy of Boston pg 15
     Abigail, A Girl Who Liked Ideas pg 18

Week 14
George Washington's World: Pontiac, A Boy of the Ottawa pg 19
     Benjamin West pg 21
     The Friendly Printer pg 23
     The Asante of Africa Unite pg 28

Week 15
George Washington's World: Spain and the Pueblos of New Mexico pg 32
     Frederick, Soldier King of Prussia pg 35
     Johann Sebastian Bach pg 38
     Catherine: Her Journey to Russia pg 39
     The King of France and His Subjects pg 42

Week 16
George Washington's World: Pierre Caron pg 45
     The Great Voltaire pg 49
     James Cook, a boy who went to Sea pg 52
     James Watt, a Clever Lad pg 54
     A King But Not a Ruler pg 56

Week 17
George Washington's World: Benjamin Franklin Looks and Learns pg 59
     Fray Junipero Serra pg 62
     Qianlong and the Barbarians pg 63
     India and the European Traders pg 71
     France and England in America pg 73

Week 18
George Washington's World: French and Indian War pg 75
     Seven Years War Begins pg 81
     The Empire Builder pg 83
     Leave Our Land pg pg 86
     George III pg 90

Week 19
George Washington's World: A Young Poet Named Phillis pg 91
     George and Martha Washington pg 93
     Thomas Jefferson pg 96
     The End of the Seven Years War pg 99
     Goethe Sees Both Sides pg 101

Week 20
George Washington's World: Catherine Empress of the Russians pg 104
     Voltaire and His Pen pg 108
     To the South Seas With Captain Cook pg 112
     Lavoisier and Oxygen pg 118
     The Steam Engine pg 119

Week 21
George Washington's World: His Majesty George III pg 122
     Frederick the Miser and Louis the Waster pg 130
     Marie Antoinette, the Little Austrian Princess pg 133
     Lafayette, a young French Nobleman pg 136
     Enter Napoleon Buonaparte pg 139

Week 22
George Washington's World: Italy the Land of Beauty pg 140
     A King and a Painter of Spain pg 143
     The Corsairs of Algiers pg 144
     The Empire of Turkey pg 145
     Poland pg 147

Week 23
George Washington's World: The Empress and the Sultan pg 149
     Home To China pg 150
     Japan and the Passing World pg 151
     Alexander Hamilton, boy of the West Indies pg 154
     John Paul Jones, and the Hated Slave Trade pg 156

Week 24
George Washington's World: Olaudah Equiano Writes About Being a Slave pg 158
     Spain's New Colony pg 161
     Over The Mountain With Boone pg 165
     Rebellion in Massachusetts pg 168
     The First Congress pg 173

Week 25
George Washington's World: The Battle of Bunker Hill pg 176
     John Adams Selects a Commander pg 178
     Declaration of Independence pg 183
     Echoes in Europe pg 190
     Benjamin Franklin in France pg 192

Week 26
George Washington's World: Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI pg 195
     Lafayette Sails for America pg 198
     The Old Fox Retreats pg 201
     Misadventures of 1777 pg 205
     To Carry the News pg 209

Week 27
George Washington's World: Valley Forge pg 211
     The French Alliance pg 215
     George Rogers Clark pg 218
     A Hero in Two Worlds pg 221
     The Bon Homme Richard pg 223

Week 28
George Washington's World: Spain besieges Gibraltar pg 225
     Holland defends her trade pg 226
     Napoleon Bonaparte pg 227
     Benedict Arnold traitor pg 228
     Cornwallis surrenders pg 231

Week 29
George Washington's World: Washington Refuses Absolute Power pg 234
     Money pg 236
     The Peace Treaty pg 239
     Empires Old and New pg 241

Week 30
George Washington's World: Back to His Good Land pg 246
     Lonely Thomas Jefferson pg 253
     Aviation is Born pg 256
     The Marriage of Figaro pg 259
     Three Americans Meet in France pg 261

Week 31
George Washington's World: Rousseau and Silver Sheep Shears pg 264
     John Adams and George III pg 267
     Hisses for Marie Antoinette pg 269
     Old Frederick's Last Review pg 272
     Catherine's Turkish Fairy Tale pg 273

Week 32
George Washington's World: The Assembly of the Notables pg 277
     The Not Yet United States pg 279
     The Constitution pg 281
     Mr. President pg 286
     Victory for the Third Estate pg 290

Week 33
George Washington's World: To the Bastille pg 296
     Off With the Baker to Paris pg 300
     America and the Key to the Bastille pg 303
     New Machines and New Factories pg 312

Week 34
George Washington's World: Were All Men Created Equal pg 314
     Beware the Tyrants pg 316
     Liberty pg 319
     A New Republic in Haiti pg 322
     The United States Proclaimed Neutral pg 324
     Doctor Jenner and the Smallpox Germ pg 327

Week 35
George Washington's World: Daughters of the New Republic pg 328
     Noah Webster's Blue-Backed Speller pg 329
     The Reign of Terror pg 330
     Catherine the Grandmother pg 333
     Napoleon Bonaparte pg 335

Week 36
George Washington's World: To Italy pg 336
     To Egypt pg 339
     The Rosetta Stone pg 342
     Qianlong's Reply to George III pg 343
     Home to Mount Vernon pg 345

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