Waverly Novels

Sir Walter Scott's Waverley novels listed in the year and term in which their story corresponds with the House of Education Online's historical period studied.

Year 7, Term 2
Count Robert of Paris - First Crusade
The Betrothed - Henry II.
The Talisman - Richard I.
Ivanhoe - Richard I.
Castle Dangerous - Scotch Wars

Year 7, Term 3
The Fair Maid of Perth - Scotland, early Fifteenth Century
Quentin Durward - France: Louis XI.
Anne of Geierstein - Charles the Bold, Margaret of Anjou, and c.

Year 8, Term 1
The Monastary - Melrose and District. (1550).
The Abbot - Mary, Queen of Scots A. and C. Black
Kenilworth - Elizabeth

Year 8, Term 2
The Fortunes of Nigel - Time of James I.

Year 8, Term 2-3
The Legend of Montrose - Period of Montrose and the Covenant

Year 8, Term 3
Woodstock - Commonwealth period
Peveril of the Peak - Time of Charles II.
Old Mortality - Bothwell Bridge, 1679

Year 9, Term 1
The Bride of Lammermoor - East Lothian, 1695
The Pirate - Shetland and Orkney Islands, 1700
The Black Dwarf - The Lowlands of Scotland, 1706 (Jacobites)

Year 9, Term 2
Rob Roy - The Jacobites
Heart of Midlothian - Time of George II. (Porteous Riots)
Waverley - The Jacobites
Redgauntlet - Time of George III.
Guy Mannering - Time of George III.
The Surgeon's Daughter - Fifeshire, Isle of Wight, and India (1780)

Year 9, Term 3
The Antiquary - Scotch Manners, last decade of Eighteenth Century
St. Ronan's Well - Near Firth of Forth, 181

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