Exam Questions for Year 7/8 Lite Term 2

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Bible and Spiritual Formation

     1. What kind of help does God provide to help in our battle against sin? OR Explain the role of personal discipline in our battle against sin.

     2. Describe the institution of the Passover and its meaning.

     3. "Explain the parable of the rich fool. OR "The stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner." Explain the meaning.


     Write 8-10 lines of poetry from memory.


     (Assigned passage is in the Exam Key.)


     1. Tell the story of The Thistle and the Rose.

     2. "Athelstane, arrayed in the garments of the grave, stood before them, pale, haggard . . ." Tell the story.

     3. Summarize one of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.

English Grammar

     1. Write a sentence using three adverbs.

     2. Write a sentence using a possessive pronoun.

     3. Choose "is" or "are." The yellowed book with hundreds of pages __ faded beyond recognition.

     4. Identify parts of speech for the italicized words: He went accordingly to the banquet, of which we have already mentioned the principal events. Immediately upon retiring from the castle, the Saxon thanes, with their attendants, took horse; and it was during the bustle which attended their doing so, that Cedric, for the first time, cast his eyes upon the deserter Gurth.


     1. Tell what you know about King Edward III, Edward the Black Prince, or the Battle of Crecy.

     2. Give an account of the Black Death.

     3. Give an account of Richard II's usurpation by Henry Bolingbroke.

     4. Tell what you know about Henry V's wars with France.

     5. What do you know about Joan of Arc?

     6. Tell what you know about the War of the Roses.


     1. What do you know about Greenland? Or, Summarize a day at sea on the Kon Tiki.

     2. What are floes? Or, Describe Easter Island.

     3. Describe Newfoundland. Or, What do you know about the figures on Easter Island?

Natural History and General Science

     1. Choose a question matched to your term's science subject from here or from your science program.

     2. Choose a question matched to your term's science subject from here or from your science program.

     3. Explain Pascal's Law and hydrodynamics, or how Bernoulli's Principle helps airplanes fly.

     4. Explain the first law of thermodynamics -- the Law of Conservation of Matter.

     5. What causes roots to grow downwards?


     1. Choose a Year 7-10 Question from this term's Plutarch from this page.

     2. "Imagination must not make pictures of self," or "We are not allowed to choose our lives." Explain one of these.

     3. Explain the limits of human reason. Why shouldn't it have the final word on most subjects?

Arithmetic/Geometry (Questions from your math program may be substituted.)

     1. If x - 5 = -30, what is x?

     2. Write "eight less than the square of a number, x" as a mathematical equation.

     3. Cara worked for 12 hours on Saturday. If this was 3 times as long as she worked on Thursday, how many hours did Cara work on Thursday?

     4. A baker baked 210 pies in 5 days. How many pies did the baker bake each day?

Foreign Language

     1. In your foreign language, describe a person in your family.

     2. Describe a picture in your language book, using your foreign language.


     Father should choose a poem, two Bible verses and/or a scene from Shakespeare learned this term for student to recite.

Music (such as playing an instrument)

     Parent or instructor should assess child's progress.

Music Appreciation

     1. Tell about your favorite piece of music from this term.

     2. Question to be taken from this term's Composer Study here


     Sing your favorite folksong and hymn from this term.


     Show some work in handicrafts from this term to someone outside your family.

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