Exam Questions for Year 8 Term 3

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Bible and Spiritual Formation

     1. What are some ways we can "be renewed in our minds"? OR How can we seek to be holy in an unholy world?

     2. What blessings and/or curses did God promise Israel as they entered the land? or, Tell about the treaty with the Gibeonites.

     3. Give an account of the greatest commandment, OR Tell about the sheep and the goats.


     Write 8-10 lines of poetry from memory.


     (Assigned passage is in the Exam Key.)


     1. Tell something about George Herbert, Robert Herrick or John Milton.

     2. Describe an episode from I Promesi Sposi.

     3. Summarize one of Milton's poems you read this term.

English Grammar

     1. Write a sentence listing items separated with commas.

     2. Give an example of a statement, a question, and an exclamation with correct punctuation.

     3. Write sentences showing correct use of "your" and "you're."

     4. Identify parts of speech for the italicized words. For nouns, say also whether the noun is singular or plural. For verbs, say also whether the verb is in past, present, or future tense: When her mother informed Lucy that Renzo was well and in safety, she derived great relief from the intelligence, desiring but one thing more, which was, that he should forget, or rather, that he should endeavour to forget her.


     1. Give an account of the civil war between the Roundheads and Royalists.

     2. Who was the "Lord Protector?" Tell about him.

     3. Who was the Merry Monarch? Tell about him.

     4. Tell about the great plague and the Great Fire of 1666.

     5. What is the difference between Whig and a Tory?

     6. What do you know about William III Prince of Orange?


     1. Summarize a day at sea on the Kon Tiki.

     2. Describe Easter Island.

     3. Describe a Polynesian Island.

Natural History and General Science

     1. Choose a question matched to your term's science subject from here or from your science program.

     2. Choose a question matched to your term's science subject from here or from your science program.

     3. How do plants form fruit?

     4. What is the dark side of freons? Or, What is the 2,6,10 rule?

     5. Give some account of the circulation of blood.


     1. Use the Year 7-10 Questions for this term's Plutarch from this page.

     2. Discuss the Courage of sticking to our opinions.

     3. Explain two areas in life where we are obligated to show Loyalty.

Reading Skill

     Father to choose an unseen passage, giving marks for enunciation.

Arithmetic/Geometry (Questions from your math program may be substituted.)

     1. Ansel has a job collecting eggs. He is paid $3.00 per hour and 20 cents for each egg he finds. If Ansel collects an average of 12 eggs per hour and earns a total of $21.60 for one day's work, how many hours has he worked?

     2. Brian had 48 jelly beans. He ate 5/8 of them; his sister ate 1/3 as many jelly beans as he did. How many jelly beans did his sister eat?

     3. Write 3 3/8 as a decimal.

     4. There are 13 animals in a barn. Some are chickens and some are pigs. There are 40 legs in all. How many of each animal are there?



Foreign Language

     1. In your foreign language, make up a dialogue between a shopkeeper and a customer.

     2. Describe a picture in your language book, using your foreign language.

Picture Study

     1. Describe a picture from this term's picture study.


     Father should choose a poem, two Bible verses and/or a scene from Shakespeare learned this term for student to recite.

Music (such as playing an instrument)

     Parent or instructor should assess child's progress.

Music Appreciation

     1. Tell about your favorite piece of music from this term.

     2. Question to be taken from this term's Composer Study here.


     Sing your favorite folksong and hymn from this term.


     Show some work in handicrafts from this term to someone outside your family.

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