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Full Version: Schedule Updates
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Leslie and I are going through the Typos thread in the Tech Support area, fixing the errors you've reported.  So if you are about to use schedules or booklists that you downloaded in the past, you might want to download new copies.  The footer of the schedule tells you when it was last updated, so you'll know if it's been recently changed.
I just uploaded several more schedules. I think that takes care of *most* of the schedule errors that people reported.
Thank you for your commitment and work, Kathy and Leslie!
AO's weekly schedules for Madam How and Lady Why (years 4, 5, AO4G Form 2a and 2b) have been adjusted to line up with Anne's Study Guide.

If you're in the middle of the school year and want to continue with the schedule you were already using, the old schedule is on its own page here:
I just uploaded revised charts for Years 4, 5, 8, 8 Lite, 9, and 9 Lite plus Groups IIA and IIB.
This morning I uploaded minor revisions to Year 4 and Year 6 schedules.
Just updated Groups 1C with a minor cosmetic change.
Year 12 and the 8/9 Combo Year also have updated charts. Leslie has been making changes to the HTML schedules on the website, just fixing things. We've now gone through the whole list of problems that you all listed for us in the Typos thread in Tech Support here. (Thank you for alerting us!) Some could not be resolved, but most were. We appreciate your help and your patience!
Thank you both for your hard work
You ladies are amazing. Thank you for all your work and dedication
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