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Full Version: Schedule Updates
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(04-17-2023, 12:30 PM)Heather Wrote: [ -> ]It looks like the pdf for the 789a chart didn’t upload properly. It only shows 4 rows.

Thanks for updating all these details! These resources are such incredible helps for implementing such a beautiful curriculum!

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Thanks! Sorry about that. I will fix that tomorrow.
In the Y7-8 Lite Schedule, Terms 2 & 3 have a line for "Character Dest", but I can't figure out what book that is. Was this something that was supposed to be removed, or am I just missing which book that correlates to in the booklist?
Character Is Destiny
It was moved from a later year.
Years 7-8-9 a and b and 9-10-11 a have been updated with a revised schedule for Signs and Seasons on the weekly schedule and the charts.  I think the weekly schedules for those years and also for the Years 9 and 9 Lite may have been modified to add a Signs and Seasons schedule as well, but that was already on the charts so those weren't changed.
I just uploaded new charts for Year 8 Lite.  These have a revised schedule for Great Astronomers.
(04-18-2023, 06:40 AM)lklivingston Wrote: [ -> ]Character Is Destiny
It was moved from a later year.

Kathy, I'm sorry, but can you please clarify? For some reason I am feeling confused about this book. I see it listed in  Year 8 now - what year was it in before? I can't seem to find it anywhere on the old pages.

Also, are the Lewis books The Four Loves and The Problem of Pain on the new list anywhere, even as a free read? I can't seem to find them on the new lists. It's possible that I am wrong though. I'm trying to make a chart of all the changes for my own reference, and my head is swimming!
Character Is Destiny was in Year 10 formerly:
The Four Loves is now in Year 12.

The Problem of Pain is gone, not because it isn't valuable but, I suspect, because it deserves more than free read status in order to do it justice and time simply doesn't permit that.
Problem of Pain was never officially scheduled. It was suggested as an alternative for students who had already read The Four Loves.
On the website and in the charts, a Bible typo was corrected in Year 7, Year 7 Lite, and Groups IIIA.
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