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Full Version: Schedule Updates
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This latest change was fixing an error on one week. No more updates are expected--now I'm just fixing things I did wrong.

I do hope to sit down and make the daily/weekly lists on the charts match the website, but I will probably do that as I update charts to fix errors.
I just uploaded new charts for Year 10 and Year 10 Lite. On Week 25, a video was added to the schedule. You can find details on the website. In addition, I changed the daily/weekly work list to match up to the website daily/weekly list.
I just updated charts for Years 7, 9, 11, 7 Lite, 9 Lite, 11 Lite, and Groups 3A and C to correct an error in the schedule for Proverbs in Week 19.
Is there a link to the old schedules? Looking for all but main focus right now is ur 8.

I am using several of the older recommendations for spiritual formation since I already own them I would like to use them. Unfortunately, I didn’t think print them out before the changes.

Thank you!

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Is there a way to put a link at the bottom
Of the webpage to the former schedules/booklist? (For us veteran moms who have many, many of the older recommendations.) maybe there is a link and I’m not seeing it?

I tried to use the older yr 10 and just changing the year number but it just gave me an error page.

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They can all be found in the Links and Downloads area of the Resources area here on the Forum.  This thread might be a good one to bookmark.
The links for the upper years are on the booklist. Look right below the key.

"The previous version of this page can be accessed until June 2024 here."
I just uploaded revised copies of charts for Year 12, correcting a misspelling in Term 1 Bible.  Nothing substantive was changed.
I just uploaded new copies of the charts for Form II C.  Nothing changed.  The pdf chart previously had saved incorrectly and only displayed one row.  Now the whole chart is visible.
Year 1 has new charts.  I updated them to correct an error in the Bible schedule.
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