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Full Version: Schedule Updates
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Many thanks to you, Kathy. :) And to Leslie! :)
I just loaded new copies of charts for Years 9, 9 Lite, 789b, and 91011a. That was to change the speeches and documents a little bit. Leslie changed the weekly schedules too.
Thank you very much!
Leslie and I updated the Year 9 schedules to make Faust assignments clearer. Instead of providing line numbers for each assignment, we now provide section titles based on the linked Gutenberg copy. If your copy uses different section titles, it's fine to work out your own schedule that spreads the work over the term.
(04-01-2023, 03:49 AM)justNermari Wrote: [ -> ]Thank you! I'm excited to see these changes. Do you know if there are any planned changes/updates for the younger years, Y1-6?  I'm starting to plan and just curious if I should wait for any planned changes or just work with whats available now.

Now that the Bible assignments and the Years 5 and 6 science changes have been made, there are no more planned changes for Years 1-6 (or any other years).  That doesn't mean we won't change anything, but if we do it will probably be minor.
Thank you for all your work on the schedules, Kathy!
(04-12-2023, 01:01 AM)MonicaC Wrote: [ -> ]Thank you for all your work on the schedules, Kathy!
Leslie does most of it. I just change the charts and post the announcement. But you're welcome!
Leslie is checking page counts, so we've been tweaking the arrangement of historical documents, speeches, and essays in the Year 9 (and Lite and 789b and 91011a) schedule.  I've loaded the new charts, and Leslie will update the weekly schedules on the website.  I think you'll like these changes!
I just updated charts for Years 2, 7, and 9, Year 9 Lite, Year 7 Lite, and Groups IB and IIIA.  This was just to correct errors.
It looks like the pdf for the 789a chart didn’t upload properly. It only shows 4 rows.

Thanks for updating all these details! These resources are such incredible helps for implementing such a beautiful curriculum!

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