AmblesideOnline Protects Your Privacy

AmblesideOnline takes the privacy of our users seriously. We do not require you to provide us with any information to use our website and we do not collect information via tracking cookies or Google Analytics. Therefore, we do not have information about you to share with third parties. The website does not require the use of javascript. User reviews posted on our website are never shared without asking for express permission first. (If you use the AO Forum, an email address is required to register and login.)

If you've never thought about your privacy before, these videos explain why it matters: Naomi Brockwell (12 min); Glenn Greenwald (21 min); Josh at All Things Secured (9 min).

Websites that can help you take control of your privacy online include Privacy Tools, Restore Privacy, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. For a deep dive into steps you can take to secure your online privacy, Sean Tario recorded a day-long Digital Privacy Bootcamp. Part 1 is an hour and a half; Part 2 is a little bit longer.

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