AmblesideOnline License for Schools

AmblesideOnline requires that any school or group which chooses to adopt the AmblesideOnline curriculum for all or a portion of its curriculum must provide each parent, teacher, and administrator with the following notice:

This school uses elements of AmblesideOnline, a free copyrighted curriculum which was designed with the intent that it be as close as possible to a modern approximation of the curriculum that Charlotte Mason used in her own PNEU schools, and which is designed to be used specifically according to the principles and methods outlined in her writings. AmblesideOnline is available online at no cost:

The AmblesideOnline website also has many additional resources which will be of help to parents and teachers.

The Charlotte Mason method is more than a mere list of books. It is defined first and foremost by the principles and philosophy behind the approach, which are then implemented with books of a high literary standard, such as the ones recommended by AmblesideOnline. As such, the curriculum model proposed by AmblesideOnline is solely intended to be implemented within the framework of the Charlotte Mason philosophy, and will only yield optimum results when the methods outlined in Mason's writings are applied in its use. We strongly feel that this can be achieved only when parents and teachers have read Mason's own writings, and thus we urge all adults involved in this school to be actively reading and discussing the ideas in these books, whether individually or in study groups.

Charlotte Mason's books can be accessed online for free from

We suggest that parents and teachers begin with Volume 6, Toward a Philosophy of Education. Some may wish to read In Vital Harmony by Karen Glass, Minds More Awake by Anne White, or For The Children's Sake by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay for an introductory overview and general vision for this philosophy in action.

There are legal restrictions on the use of AmblesideOnline, including specific restrictions on any use, publication, alteration, republication or distribution of AmblesideOnline materials beyond a teacher's individual needs for instructional purposes. Therefore, we also require that every parent and teacher involved in this school read through and abide by our License Agreement, available at

"Education is an Atmosphere, a Discipline, and a Life."

The AmblesideOnline Advisory

AmblesideOnline's free Charlotte Mason homeschool curriculum prepares children for a life of rich relationships with God, humanity, and the natural world.
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