Using AmblesideOnline in your School or Co-op

You may use AmblesideOnline or parts of AO (our Plutarch rotation/studies, picture study, etc.) in your school, co-op, or other group within certain guidelines.

AmblesideOnline's curriculum is free to use, but our booklists, schedules, annotated CM Series of books, study guides, and articles are copyrighted to the AmblesideOnline Educational Foundation and may not be reposted online or published in a book, pamphlet, or magazine. Our content must stay on our website.

We restrict the usage of our curriculum to in-person (not virtual/online) schools, co-ops, and tutoring scenarios, and we require that everyone involved -- parents, teachers, faculty -- be aware that your group is using the free AmblesideOnline material by providing them with the notice at this link. Your school or group may charge dues or tuition for teachers, facility, etc. but you may not charge a curriculum fee, and parents must be aware that they do not need to pay you to provide an AmblesideOnline education for their children.

We do not allow online/virtual schools to utilize the AmblesideOnline curriculum. Charlotte Mason is a very relational approach to education, and the relational aspect is much more difficult to cultivate online.

You may use AmblesideOnline for a virtual class or tutorship as long as it's within a small group setting where the atmosphere is conducive for lively discussion -- and as long as it's for free. We envision such a class more as a discussion group than a virtual school.

Additionally, we believe this kind of education is for everyone -- parents and teachers as well as children. We never want to convey the impression that AmblesideOnline can't be done "properly" without paying a "professional."

We do not allow advertising of such schools or groups on any of our social media/support groups, as we have a strict "no advertising" policy on all of our platforms. You may post an invitation to your free group at its start-up and at the beginning of the school year or term, but you may not post your invitation repeatedly.

If you are considering a school or co-op as a means to provide social experiences for your children, we suggest joining or starting a casual co-op that meets once a week to do nature study, picture study, singing, or other "riches" together. We have seen this work very well, with members paying a minimal amount of dues to reserve meeting places at local parks.

AmblesideOnline's free Charlotte Mason homeschool curriculum prepares children for a life of rich relationships with God, humanity, and the natural world.
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