Exam for Term 42 Form I

Examination 42.

Parents' National Education Union.


Parents' Review School.


PUPILS' NAMES ____________________________________


Bible Lessons.
I.    1. Tell the story of Barak and Sisera.
      2. Tell about Gideon and his three hundred.
II.    1. Tell something of what happened on Easter Sunday.
      2. What did Peter do at the Beautiful Gate?

Ia.      Print "How the leopard got his spots."
Ib.      Write "How the leopard got his spots."

Natural History.
Ia & Ib.    1. Describe two water creatures, and tell all you have noticed about them.
           2. Describe the nicest walk you have had this term.  What did you find?
Ia.      3. Tell the story of Leo.
Ib.      3. Tell about Joey the Kestrel.

Ib.   1.  Draw the shape of the earth in a tray of sand, and show where the hot countries are and where the cold.
       2.  Mention six things you would like to go and see in Ireland, and say where they are.
      1.  Describe a journey down the Thames.
      2.  Tell something about the Black Country.  Where is it?
Ia.   1.  Tell about the Arabs at dinner.
2.  Tell about the wild man of the woods and the great bird of the desert.

Ib.  1.  Recite Lucienne découpe des images.
      2.  Tell, in French, about the pictures on pages 99 and 101.
      3.  Recite Le Chanson de la Laine.
Ia.  1.  Recite Minet et la Souris.
      2.  Tell something, in French, about the pictures on pages 47 and 49 in Illustrated French Primer, and recite Les Doigts.

      1.  If  I have £52 ,, 7 ,, 0 ½ and I spend £43 ,, 17 ,, 0, how much have I left?
      2.  There are two numbers; their sum is 960; the greater is 527; what is the less?
      1.  If oranges are 10 for ninepence, how many shall I get for three shillings?
      2.  If 150 soldiers march in rows of 5, how many rows are there?
Ia.  1. If John pays 1/- for his dinner, how many friends can he ask to dine with him for  £1 ,,  10 ,, 0?
      2.  I had 48 eggs.  I sold one dozen and a half to Mr. Smith and two dozen to Mr. Jones.  How many had I left?
      1.  How many legs have Mary, Jack and their dog Jock between them?
      2.  Make up eight in six different ways.

Picture Talk.
      Describe the picture by Burne Jones you liked best this term.

      1. The outline of an animal in brushwork.
      2. Two marguerites on brown paper.

Ia.    Tell a short fairy tale.
Ib.   1. Tell about the assault on Doubting Castle.  What are we told about Mr. Want Wit?
       2.  Describe the journey of Skirnir to Svartheim.

English History.
1b.  1.  Tell the story of Agil and his son.
      2.  What did children play at in the old times?
      3.  Tell a story of Sir Ralph Abercromby.

      Father to choose a hymn, a poem, and one passage from Judges.

      Father to choose unseen passage, marking words not known.

      Examine in work done.
      What piece did you like best of the music you have heard this term? Why?

      Father to choose an English and a French song, and
      (Ib.) two Tonic Sol-fa exercises.

      Drill, before parents.

      Outside friend to examine.


The Summer Examination in optional, and the parents only send in a report on all the work (see Regulations).  Reports must be sent in either before August 1st or After September 15th (see July P.R., Our Work).

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