Exam for Term 90 Form I

Examination 90.                                                                                        M,

Parents' National Educational Union.


The Parents' Union School.

FORM I., (A & B)

PUPILS' NAMES ____________________________________


Bible Lessons.
A&B I.1. What did Joseph tell his father about his dreams?
        2. How did Joseph make himself known to his brethren in Egypt? Tell the whole story.
II.    1. Tell the story of the rich man and Lazarus, or, about Zacchaeus.
        2. Tell about the poor widow with two mites, or, about the blind man whom Jesus healed.

A   Write two lines of poetry from memory.
B   Print or write: "The little bird sits at his door in the sun."

A    1. Tell about two things Christian saw in the House of the Interpreter, or, about Mr. Worldly Wiseman.
      2. Tell how Ulysses stole the Luck of Troy, or, about Scylla and Charybdis.
B    1. Tell a short fairy story and one of Aesop's Fables.

English History.
A   1. Tell how Princess Victoria came to be Queen, or, a story about President Lincoln.
      2. What do you know about the battle of Balaclava, or, about the work of Florence Nightingale?
B    1. What do you know about the battle of Stamford Bridge, or, about Hereward the Wake?
      2. Tell what you know about William the Red, or, about "The White Ship."

A   1. Can you explain why the sun never seems to remain still in the same place?
     2. What do you know about the fiords of Norway, the Siberian plain, an Arabian desert?
B   1. How do we get summer? What causes the change of day and night?
     2. What do you know about Belgium, or, about (a), the Gulf Stream, (b), the Red Man?

Natural History.
A&B 1. Describe two wild flowers you have found and two birds you have watched.
A      2. What do you know about "the dwellers in Sparrow Town"? Describe (a), the flowers of three shrubs that grow in the hedge, (b), three shapes of leaf.
or,    2. Tell what you know about a hedgehog, or, about three kinds of flying animals (not birds).
B      2. Tell all you can about (a), a spider, (b), a skylark.
        3. What do you know about the polar bear and the country he lives in?
or,    3. What can you tell about (a), a gorilla, (b), a chimpanzee, (c) a baboon?

Sums. (All working must be shown)
IA  1. Tom has 321 picture postcards. He gave Henry 49 for 61 of his. How many had Tom then?
      2. John wants to but a bicycle costing £5 13s. If he has £3 14s. 7½d., how much more does he need?
      3. An express train runs 60 miles an hour; how far would it run from 10-20 a.m. to 11-30 a.m.?
or, 1. Find the value of £2 13s. 4 d. - (£1 1s. + £1 4s. 8d.).
     2. If one bat cost £1 4s. 6d. and another 5s. 9d. less, how much does the second cost?
     3. Bring to pounds, shillings and pence, 30074d., 10731d.
IB 1. Tom earned 1s. 4d., 10d., and 11d., and he spent 2s. 9d. How much had he left?
     2. Draw a line 6 inches long, and mark off ¼, ½, ¾ of it. How long is each piece?
     3. Six men walked 8 miles each. How many more would each have to walk to make 60 miles altogether?

Picture Study
A&B Describe "The Shepherdess" or "Feeding the Birds," by J.F. Millet.

A.  1. Describe, in French, the pictures on pages 62 and 63.
     2. Make sentences, using the words, - mouton, corbeau, renard, chien, garçon.
A&B 3. Recite "The Concert," or, "Le Marriage de la Bécasse et de la Perdrix."
B    1. Tell, in French, what you can about the pictures on pages 40 and 41.
      2. Recite "Les Doigts."

      1. A picture (with name) of someone doing something you have read about in your Tales.
      2. Two wild flowers you can find.
      3. A picture of a man working in a field.

      Father to choose a hymn, a poem, a Psalm, and two passages from the Bible Lessons.

      Father to choose unseen passage.

      Examine in work done and report progress.

      Father to choose an English and a French song, and I A two tonic sol-fa exercises.

      Drill, before parents.

      Outside friend to examine, but list of handicrafts to appear on Report Form.


Summer Examination.--Parents and teachers examine all the work, written and otherwise, and send in their reports only. No work to be sent up. The examination is optional. Summer Reports (only) to be posted to the Secretary, House of Education, Ambleside, either before July 80th or after September 15th.

Examination to occupy a full school week.

Reports are enclosed to be filled up by parents or teachers on all subjects. Names, in full, ages and classes to appear on the Reports. Schools and Classes should state the number of children working in each Form.

For scale of marks to be followed in all subjects see head of Report Forms.

In Form I B the teacher writes down the narrations. In I A the pupil writes one answer in each subject and narrates the rest. In Upper I A two answers should be written.

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