Exam for Term 91 Form I

Examination 91.                                               M,

Parents' National Educational Union.


The Parents' Union School.

(Address: House of Education, Ambleside.)

Motto: "I am, I can, I ought, I will."

FORM I., (A & B)

PUPILS' NAMES ____________________________________


Bible Lessons.
A&B I. 1. What do you know about Moses as a boy at school?
           2. Tell about Moses and the burning bush, or a story of Moses and Aaron.

II.       1. Tell about the wise men from the East.
           2. Tell about the healing of the leper, or of the man who came through the roof.

A. Write a line of poetry from memory.
B. Print: "The fairies meet by night to play."

A    1. Tell how Christian fought with Apollyon, or, how Faithful was tried in Vanity Fair.
      2. Tell how Ullyses invented the horse of tree, or, how he escaped from the Island of Calypso,
or,  2. Tell about Ullyses and Eumaeus.
B.   1. Tell a short fairy story or part of a "Just So Story."

English History.
A.   1. What do you know about Captain Cook in Australia, or, about how Lord Roberts saved the guns at Delhi?
      2. Tell a story about the Duke of Wellington as a boy, or about Sir Joshua Reynolds.
B.   1. Tell a story about (a) Lord Kitchener, or, (b) General Joffre.
      2. What do you know about Viscount French?

A.   1. Describe a compass. What does it tell us?
       2. Can you draw the shape of India? What do you know about (a) the climate, (b) the River Ganges?
   or, 2. What do you know about (a) John Chinaman and (b) Hong-Kong?
B.    1. Why do people never come the end of the world? How can we know its shape?
       2. Tell about "leaves walking", or, about the Indian's blow-pipe,
  or, 2. What do you know about Lapland or, the Red Indians of America?

Natural History.
A&B  1. Describe two kinds of wild fruit you have found and two birds you have watched.
A       2. Tell about "the nursery in the flowerpot"
    or, 2. Describe three kinds of birds' nests. Where do birds sleep?
         3. What do you know about the woodpecker? or, Tell about the old "Mugger" and some his relations.
B.      2. Tell what you know about a stickleback, or, an otter.
         3. Tell all you can about a giraffe.
    or, 3. What do you know about (a) the African elephant, (b) the rhinoceros?

Sums. (all working must be shown)
IA    1. Three boys earned 2s, 4d, 3s, 7 1/2 d, 4s, 9 1/2 d. They then shared it equally. How much will each receive?
        2. A wheel is 6 inches round. How many times would it turn around in going 9 feet, 6 inches?
        3. A grocer divides 6 lbs of tea into 4 oz. packets. How many packets will there be?
   or, 1. Find the value of seven motor cars at £384:17:8d. each.
        2. If three pennies weigh one ounce, what would be the weight of £6 in pennies?
        3. If morning school lasts from 9 - 11:30, how many minutes of school time are there?
IB     1. Mary has half-a-crown and John has half as much. How much has Mary more than John?
        2. Bob cut 2 feet then one foot six inches from a string four feet long. How much was left?
        3. How much money would it take to give 20 children 2d each?

Picture Study.
A&B   Describe Watts' "Una and the Red Cross Knight."

A.   1. *Point out and tell in French the parts of the body. (page 72)
      2. *Recite La Chanson de la Laine, or a scene from a French fable.
B.   1. *Say something in French about the pictures on pages 24 and 25.
      2. *Recite "In the Snow" or "Noel" and "Une, Deux, Trois."

   1. A picture (with name) of a story you have read in your Tales.
   2. A branch of wild rose with hips.
   3. A man leading a horse.

Recitations. *
Father to choose a hymn, a poem, a Psalm, and two passages from the Bible lessons.

Reading. *
Father to choose an unseen passage.

Music. *
Examine in work done and report progress.

Singing. *
Father to choose an English and a French song, and I A, two tonic sol-fa exercises.

Drill. *
Drill, before parents.

Work. *
Outside friend to examine, but list of handicrafts completed to appear on Report Form.


N.B. 1.--Examination to begin on Monday, December 12th. Papers to be posted on Saturday, the 17th, with no other enclosures.

N.B. 2.--Subjects thus indicated (*) to be marked on the Parents' Report according to Regulations.

N.B. 3.--Members are asked to read the Regulations carefully, as much time is lost by the Examiners when (a) there is no numbered list of the subjects sent for examinations, (b) the papers for each child are not fastened together, or
(c) the name of the member does not appear.

N.B. 4.--Answers may not be written on both sides of the paper. The papers should be tied together loosely with string.

N.B. 5.--Please note carefully (a) the amount of written work expected in Form I., (b) the Regulations as to the number of papers to be sent in by Schools.

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