Exam for Term 92 Form IV

Examination 92.                                               M,

Parents' National Educational Union.


The Parents' Union School.

(Address: House of Education, Ambleside.)

Motto: "I am, I can, I ought, I will."


PUPILS' NAMES ____________________________________


Bible Lessons.
1. Describe David's success and his trials at the Court of Saul.
2. What do you know of David as an outlaw?
3. Give an account of St. Paul's great sermon at Antioch.
4. "The gods have come down to us in the likeness of men." Where and by whom was this said? What ancient story is referred to?
5. Write an essay on, --"If any thirst, come unto Me and drink."

Write ten lines of poetry from memory.

Dictation (unprepared).
A History of English Literature, page 56, "From the ruin'd shrine . . . . lake." *

     1. Lines, in blank verse, that must scan on one of the following, --Scylla and Charybdis, The White Lady of Avenal, The Prince of Wales in India.
     2. An essay, in the style of Carlyle, on some heroic personage of today.

English Grammar.
     1. Analyze, parsing words in italics--
          "O blithe new-comer! I have heard,
          I hear thee and rejoice:
          O Cuckoo! shall I call thee bird
          Or but a wandering voice?"
     2. What are the uses of (a), the adjectival, (b), the noun sentence? Give six examples of each.
     3. What are co-ordinate sentences? Give examples.

     1. What were the "Moralities"? Give an account of Everyman.
     2. "Erasmus is gone." Give some account of his visit to Chelsea. What does Erasmus say of Luther?
     3. Write the christening scene in Henry VIII, or any other you prefer.

English History.
     1. Describe the career of Wolsey, his peace policy, his attitude towards the Renaissance, his power as legate, and his fall.
     2. What do you know of Wareham, Cranmer, Fisher, Ridley, Latimer? Sketch portraits of three of these men if you can.

General History.
     1. Describe the condition of Germany when Charles V. became Emperor.
     2. Give a sketch of Luther's career and of the Diet at Worms.
     3. Show that "the Nile is a vast historical volume."
     4. Sketch the history of civilization in the Pyramid Age.

     1. What have you to say about drifters and dawdlers, small thefts, bargains, borrowed property? Discuss "we are all born equal."
     2. How and why did Agis set about the reformation of the City of Sparta?
     3. What are the powers and what the limitations of the House of Commons? What qualities should we look for in a Member?

     1. Name and describe three groups of the islands of Polynesia.
     2. What causes affect climate?
     3. Give some account of New Zealand with map.
     4. What do you know of (a), Nelson's favorite studies, (b), his manner of life on board ship. With what parts of the world was he familiar?

Natural History.
     1. What methods of leaf-protection are employed by herbs and trees?
     2. Write notes, with drawings, on the special studies you have made this term.
     3. What do you know of the Herbivora? What animals does this class include? Give a life sketch of one of them.

General Science.
     1. Most substances can assume the three forms of matter in succession. Give and describe examples.
     2. Describe a thermometer and account for its changes.
     3. What is light? What do we see? How does sight give us knowledge?

Hygiene and Physiology.
     1. Describe and illustrate the processes of digestion.

Picture Talk.
     Describe, with a rough sketch of the composition, "Grace before Meat," by Jan Steen.

     1. In selling a house, a man made a profit of £80; if this porfit is 8% of the cost of the house, what was the cost?
     2. A grocer buys 8 cwt. Of coffee at £15 a cwt. and sells it at 3f- a lb. Find his profit.
     3. I mix 4 cwt. Of tea which cost £14 with 1 cwt; at £11 : 4 : 0 per cwt,; at what price must I sell it per lb. To gain 6d. on each lb. sold.

     1. Through a given point to draw a straight line parallel to a given straight line.
     2. To construct a square on a given side.
     3. Show that every point which is equidistant from A and B lies on the straight line bisecting AB at right angles.

     1. Divide 92 into two parts so that one-third of one part may exceed one-seventh of the other part by 4.
     2. Divide £650 between two persons so that one may have £20 more than half what the other has.
     3. Plot the point (0.0), (8.0), (8.6), and show how many units of area the triangle contains.

     1. Recite, in German, Der Listige Reisende.
     2. Give the Third Person Singular Present, Imperfect and Perfect Indicative of,--sprechen, finden, bitten, kommen, rufen, geben.
     3. Make sentences using the following prepositions,--wuhrend, diesseit, durch, uber, um, hinter.

     1. Conjugate the Past Definite, Future and Conditional, of the verb essere.
     2. Give the Italian for sentences 1-10, Exercise 7.
     3. Give the Italian for,--Is there? There are not. There have been and there will be.

     1. Translate into English and retranslate into Latin, page 168, "Unam rem . . . auget?"
     2. Give the comparative and superlative of,--audax, prudeus, tener, niger, facilis.
     3. Translate into Latin,--To err is human. We ought to speak the truth. Singing is pleasant.

     1. Describe, in French, "Un Naufrage," or, write an incident from Le Serf.
     2. Translate into French, page 172, I., 1-15.

     1. Draw an original illustration from The Monastery.
     2. Draw a design in catkins for a March calendar.
     3. Draw a study of an interior.

(Note--remainder of this exam is from an unidentified exam that I'm guessing is for Form IV; since there are no complete samples of a Form IV exam, this will give an idea of the kinds of questions asked at this level.)

     1. An original illustration from As You Like It.
     2. A study of a dog.
     3. A design in wild fruits for a book cover.

Musical Appreciation.
     1. Write a short account of the Brahms-Wagner controversy, or, relate some of the incidents connected with the intimacy of Brahms with the Schumann family.
     2. Write three lines from any five of the following:--Joseph Joachim, Johann Strauss the younger, the "Sos(?)atensatz," Marxsen, the two versions of the "Waltzes," Brahms' treatment of German folk song Remenyi.

Recitations. *
     Father to choose two Bible passages of ten verses each, a poem, and a scene from Shakespeare.

Reading. *
     Father to choose a poem and a leading article from a newspaper.

Music. *
     Examine in work done.

Singing. *
     Father to choose an English, a French and a German song, and three excercises.

Drill. *
     Report progress.

Work. *
      Outside friend to examine. List of work completed to appear in Parents' Report.


N.B. 1.--Examination to begin on Monday, December 11th. papers will be posted on Saturday, December 16th. with no other enclosures.
2.--Subjects thus indicated (*) to be marked on the Parents' Report. According to Regulations.

3.--Members are asked to read the Regulations carefully, as much time is lost by the Examiners when (a) there is no numbered list of subjects sent for examination, (b) the papers for each child are not fastened together, or (c) the name of the member does not appear.

4.--Answers may not be written on both sides of the paper. The papers should be tied together loosely with string.

5.--Please note carefully (a) the amount of written work expected in Form I., (b) the Regulations as to the number of Papers to be sent in by Schools.

From the ruin'd shrine he stept
And in the moon athwart the place of tombs,
Where lay the mighty bones of ancient men,
Old knights, and over them the sea-wind sang
Shrill, chill, with flakes of foam. He, stepping down
By zigzag paths, and juts of pointed rock,
Came on the shining levels of the lake.

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