Exam for Term 93 Form I

Examination 93.                                                                                        M,

Parents' National Educational Union.


The Parents' Union School.

(Address: House of Education, Ambleside.)

Motto: "I am, I can, I ought, I will."

FORM I., (A & B).

PUPILS' NAMES ____________________________________


Bible Lessons.
A & B I. 1. Tell the story of Moses striking the rock, or, about his last birthday.
   2. Tell a story about Balaam.
II. 1. Tell the story of the Ten Virgins, or, about the marriage of the King's Son.
   2. Tell one story of Jesus after He rose from the dead.

A Write a line of poetry from memory.
B The wren it sings a merry song.

A 1. Tell how Christiana knocked at the wicket gate, or, about what she saw at the Interpreter's House.
   2. Tell how Jason won the fleece, or, about Thesus and the Great Stone.
B 1. Tell a short fairy story, or, one of Aesop's Fables.

English History.
A 1. Tell about Eustace, Count of Bonlogue, or, about Edmund Ironside.
   2. Tell how King Alfred fought the Danes.
   3. What do you know of Sir George Broughton, Dr. Sumner?
B 1. Tell a story about Coifi, or, about how King Alfred learned to read.
   2. What do you know about Gregory?
A & B 3. Tell how the Prince of Wales came home.

A 1.What do you know about the sea? Name the five oceans and say where they are.
   2. Take a sheet of paper for a map of Europe; put in the plains, mountains and rivers of Europe, naming them.
B 1. What are the four seasons?  How do we get them?
   2. Tell six things about Thibet,
or, 2. Tell about the kite flyers and about Saucho and his visit to Oporto.

Natural History.
A & B 1. Make a list of twelve wild flowers you have found and describe three of them.
    2. Tell (a), about the Store House in the Hedgerow, or, (b), about a caterpillar, and describe two butterflies you have seen.
   3. What did Tommy Smith learn about the grass-snake and the adder?
or, 3. What do you know about the following?  Where do they live? Ant-eater, armadillo, alligator, chipmunk, beaver?
B 2. Tell how three kinds of plants defend themselves from enemies.
   3. What did Tommy Smith learn about the Emperor Penguin?
or,  3. Describe a visit to a farmyard.  What could you see?

Sums. (All working must be shown.)
A  1. Add together ½, ¼, 1/3 and 1/8 of £1.
   2. An express train runs 60 miles and hour.  How far would it run at this speed for 8-15 to 9-30?
   3. A boy saved £1 : 19 : 8½. How much more does he want to buy a bicycle costing £5 : 10 : 0?
or,   1. Subtract the difference between £172 and £284 from £300.
   2. Reduce to pence £1087 : 5 : 11.
   3. Multiply : 3896 x 376.
B 1. If eggs are 1½ d. each how many could you buy for 4s.?
   2. How many rows of peas could you plant in a bed six feet long, each row one foot from the other? Draw a plan.
   3. Measure a page of your biggest book and say how many inches it is round the book.

Picture Study.
A & B 1. Describe Corot's "The Birdnesters."

A 1. Describe the pictures of pages 102 and 107.
   2. Recite La Petite Fourmi qui allait à Jerusalem, or, a scene from a French fable.
B 1. Say something, in French, about the pictures on pages 88 and 89.
   2. Describe "A Cloudy Day," or, "Les Doigts."

1. A picture of a story you have read.
2. A wild flower you have found.
3. A man climbing a mountain.

Father to choose a hymn, a poem, a Psalm, and two passages from the Bible Lessons.

Father to choose unseen passage.

Examine in work done and report progress.

Father to choose an English and a French song, and I A, two tonic sol-fa exercises.

Drill, before parents.

Outside friend to examine, but list of handicrafts completed to appear on Report Form.


Summer Examination. -- Parents and teachers examine all the work, written and otherwise, and send in their reports only. No work to be sent up. The examination is optional. Summer Reports (only) to be posted to  the Secretary, House of Education, Ambleside, either before July 30th or after September 15th.

Examination to occupy a full school week.

Reports are enclosed to be filled up by parents or teachers on allsubjects. Names, in full, ages and classes to appear on the Reports. Schools and Classes should state the number of children working in each Form.

For scale of marks to be followed in all subjects see head of Report Forms.

In Form I B the teacher writes down the narrations. In I A the pupil writes one answer in each subject and narrates the rest. In Upper I A  two answers should be written.

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