Exam for Term 94 Form I

Examination 94.                                                                                        M,

Parents' National Educational Union.


The Parents' Union School.

(Address: House of Education, Ambleside.)

Motto: "I am, I can, I ought, I will."

FORM I., (A & B).

PUPILS' NAMES ____________________________________


Bible Lessons.
A&B I.  1. Tell how the Israelites crossed the Jordan, or, about Caleb
     2. Tell the story of the fall of Jericho
II. 1. Tell the parable of the Sower.
    2. Tell how Christ fed the hungry crowds. How does He feed us today?

A. Write a line of poetry from memory.
B. "His bushy tail was his upright sail." (Write or print)

A. 1. Tell how Great-heart fought with Giant Maul, or, about Mr. Fearing
2. Tell about Thesous and Ariadne, or about the slaying of the Minotaur.
B. 1. Tell a short fairy story, or, one of Aesop's Fables.

English History.
A. 1. Tell about the crowning of King Harold.
     2. Tell the story of William the Red.
     3. Why is there a monument to Thomas A. Becket in Canterbury Cathedral? Tell about him as a boy.
B. 1. Tell about the Battle of Hastings
    2. Tell the story of the White Ship.

A. 1. Describe a visit to Wales, or, a journey round North Britain.
    2. What is latitude? How is it measured? What does it help us to know?
B. 1. What is the shape of our earth? How can we know?
   2. Tell about six ways in which people have made journeys and say to what country each way belongs.

Natural History.
A&B 1. Describe three wild fruits you have found and two animals you have watched.
A. 2. Tell about the "strangers on the lake,"
or, 2. What did Tommy Smith learn about a squirrel?
B. 2. Tell the story of a turnip. How do plants store food?
    3. What did the African elephant tell Tommy Smith?

Sums. (all working must be shown)
   1. A pint of water weighs a pound and a quarter. How much would 7 pints of water weigh?
   2. Find the number of feet in 114, 123, 135, 188 inches.
   3. Jane saves 1s. 11½d. and Mary four times as much. How much more has Mary than Jane?
or, 1. A clock lost 2 seconds every hour. How much would it lose in a week?
    2. If a boy eats 3oz of sugar a day, how many pounds would he eat in a year?
    3. If 8 pennies weigh 1oz, what would be the weight of £1 of pennies?
B 1. In how many ways can I weigh out 2lbs. Of sand?
   2. If Mary buys 4lbs of butter at 1s. 3d. a pound and Jane 5lbs. at 1s. 8d. a pound, which of them pays most? By how much?
   3. How much would it cost to stamp 60 letters at 1½d. each?

Picture Study.
A&B Describe Durer's "St.Christopher."

A. 1. *Name, in French, and in sentences, the things in your schoolroom.
   2. *Make sentences with the words for 1, 3, 5, 9.
   3. *Sing "Savez Vouz Planter les Choux."
B. 1. *Tell, in French, about the pictures on pages 50 and 51.
   2. *Recite, in French, "An Adventure," or, "Les Trois Poules,"

1. Some hips or other berries.
2. A picture of a story you have read.
3. A rabbit.

Recitations. *
Father to choose a hymn, a poem, a Psalm, and two passages from the Bible Lessons.

Reading. *
Father to choose unseen passage.

1. Tell about some composition by Brahms you have heard.
*Examine in work done and report progress.

Father to choose an English and a French song, and I. A, two tonic sol-fa exercises.

Drill. *
Drill, before parents.

Work. *
Outside friend to examine, but list of handicrafts completed to appear on Report Form.


N.B. 1.--Examination to begin on Monday, December 11th. papers will be posted on Saturday, December 16th. with no other enclosures.

2.--Subjects thus indicated (*) to be marked on the Parents' Report. According to Regulations.

3.--Members are asked to read the Regulations carefully, as much time is lost by the Examiners when (a) there is no numbered list of subjects sent for examination, (b) the papers for each child are not fastened together, or (c) the name of the member does not appear.

4.--Answers may not be written on both sides of the paper. The papers should be tied together loosely with string.

5.--Please note carefully (a) the amount of written work expected in Form I., (b) the Regulations as to the number of Papers to be sent in by Schools.

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