Exam for Term 95 Form I

Examination 95.

Parents' National Educational Union.


The Parents' Union School.

(Address: House of Education, Ambleside.)

Motto: "I am, I can, I ought, I will."

FORM I. (A & B).

PUPILS' NAMES ____________________________________


Bible Lessons.
A & B
     1. Tell the story of Deborah, or, of Sisera.
     2. Tell how the Angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon, or, how Gideon chose his three hundred men.
     1. Tell the story of our Lord, (a), and the rich young ruler, or, (b), at the house of Simon.
     2. Tell what happened when the women came to the tomb on Easter Sunday morning.

     1. Write a line of poetry from memory.
     2. "Deep lies the snow upon the earth."

     1. Tell how Doubting Castle was demolished, or, what happened to the pilgrims in the "Enchanted Ground."
     2. Tell how people lived in the time of Ulysses, or, of how Ulysses disguised himself as a pedlar.
     1. Tell a short fairy story, or, one of Aesop's Fables.

English History.
     1. Tell a short story about Richard Coeur de Lion.
     2. Tell the story of Hubert de Burgh.
     3. Where was the Black Prince buried? What do you know of the funeral procession and of his tomb?
     1. Tell about Caractacus, or, Boadicea.
     2. Tell about the coming of Hengist and Horsa.

     1. Tell why the sun rises and sets.
     2. Describe a visit to France, or, to Ireland.
     1. What did Galileo discover? What do you know about planets?
     2. Tell about some of the strange "carriages" people use in China. In what country do people travel on camels?

Natural History.
A & B
     1. Describe three kinds of twigs you have seen.
     2. What did "Tommy Smith" learn about a nightjar?
     3. How does a tree start? What do you know of the guests of the oak?
     2. What do you know about a woodpecker, and a squirrel? What have you noticed yourself about a cat?
     3. What did the ostrich tell "Tommy Smith"?

Sums. (All working must be shown.)
     1. Tom jumps 5' 4 1/2"; John, 5' 9 1/2"; Bob, 6' 2 1/2". How far did they jump altogether?
     2. If 3 pennies weigh an oz., how much will 15/- in pennies weigh?
     3. If 1 pint of water weighs 1 1/4lbs., how many pints will weigh 5, 7 1/2, and 20lbs.?
     1. Add the difference between £350 and £125 to £245.
     2. Find the difference between 6 times 135 and 4 times 248.
     3. Would it be cheaper to buy 12 things at 18d. each or 24 things at 9d. each?
     1. If a quarter of a cake costs 5 1/2d., how much will the whole cake cost?
     2. How many pieces of ribbon 1 1/2 inches long will 2 feet of ribbon make?
     3. If nuts are 6 a penny, how many could you get for 4 1/2d.?

Picture Study.
A & B Describe Raphael's "The Transfiguration."

French. *
     1. Make six sentences, in French, telling the colour of six things in your schoolroom.
     2. Say something, in French, about each day of the week.
     3. Describe the picture Le Maison, page 29.
     1. Tell, in French, about the pictures on pages 62 and 63.
     2. Recite: "Le Marriage de la Becasse et de la Perdrix.'

     1. Two kinds of twigs.
     2. A picture of a story you have read.
     3. A horse feeding.

Recitations: *
     Father to choose unseen passage.

     1. Tell about some composition of Debussy you have heard.

Singing: *
     Father to choose an English and a French song, and I A, two tonic sol-fa exercises.

Drill: *
     Drill, before parents.

     Outside friend to examine, but list of handicrafts completed to appear on Report Form.

* Examine in work done and report progress.


N. B.
1. --Examination to begin on Wednesday, March 21st, or April 4th. Papers to be posted on Wednesday, March 28, or April 11th, with no other enclosures.
2. --Subjects thus indicated (*) to be marked on the Parents' Report according to Regulations.
3. --Members are asked to read the Regulations carefully, as much time is lost by the Examiners when (a) there is no numbered list of the subjects sent for examination, (b) the papers for each child are not fastened together, or (c) the name of the member does not appear.
4. --Answers may not be written on both sides of the paper. The papers should be tied together loosely with string.
5. --Please note carefully (a) the amount of written work expected in Form I., (b) the Regulations as to the number of papers to be sent in by Schools, e.g., papers from I A or B, II A or B.

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