Exam for Term 96 Form I

Examination 96.                                               M

Parents' National Educational Union.


The Parents' Union School.

(Address: House of Education, Ambleside.)

Motto: "I am, I can, I ought, I will."

FORM I. (A & B).

PUPILS' NAMES ____________________________________


Bible Lessons.
A & B I. 1. Tell a story about Samson, or about Samuel and his mother.
     2. Tell how God called Samuel, or about the return of the Ark of God.
II 1. Tell the story of Pentecost, or, about St. Peter and the lame man.
     2. Tell about St.Stephen, or, about Philip and the eunuch.

A Write a line of poetry from memory.
B Write or print,--" Light as the touch of a butterfly's wing."

Tales (This subject will also be considered in all the answers.)
A 1. Tell how Christian go out of the Slough of Despond, or, how he visited the House of the interperter.
     2. Tell how Ulysses stole the Luck of Troy, or, about the death of Achilles.
B 1. Tell a short fairy story,or one of Aesop's Fables.

English History.
A 1. Tell about "The little war of Chalons," or, a story about Robert the Bruce.
     2. Tell about the battle of Poitiers.
     3. What do you know about Lord Shaftsesbury, or , about General Gordon?
B 1. Tell about the Giant's Dance, or, about the Founding of the Round Table.
     2. Tell how Sweyn King of Denmark came to England, or, about Edward the Confessor.

A 1.What do you know about the mariner's compass.
     2. Tell what you know about the Rhine, or about Persia.
B 1. How do we get summer and winter? What is the Equator? What does it help us to know?
     2. Tell how people travel through ice and snow. In what ways can you see people travelling now?

Natural History.
A & B 1. Make a list of six wild flowers you have found an describe three of them.
A 2. Tell what you can about trees which bear cones. Can you draw a cone? Where are the seeds?
     3. What do you know about a dabchick?
B 2. Tell what you know about (a), a dragon fly and (b), a stickleback.
     3. What do you know about the land where the polar bear lives?

A 1. There are 5 apples in 1 lb. How many apples would there be in two baskets, one containing 28 lbs. and one, 8 dozen apples?
     2. If travelling cost 1d. a mile, how many miles can I go for £3:7:5?
     3. Measure (With your ruler and 15 feet of string) your schoolroom, a blackboard, and two books.
or 1. A man buys 120 bunches of turnips for 7s. 3d. and sells them at 1d. a bunch ; hom much does he gain?
     2. How many nuts are left out of 9,500 after giving 15 children 68 each?
     3. A boy had a rope 15 feet long. He cut off 2 feet 6 inches, 5 feet, and 4 feet 3 inches ; how much was left? Set down the sum with a bracket.
B 1. Tom was 8 when John was born. If Tom is now 25, how old is John?
     2. If eggs are 6 for a shilling, how many can I get for 5s.?
     3. I have 23 pieces of stick each 4 inches long and I put them end to end; for how many inches do they reach?

Picture Study.
A & B Describe "The Snow Storm," by Goya.

A 1. Describe the picture "Le Jardin,"
     2. Make six sentences about,--" Ce que tu fais tous les jours."
B 1. Say something, in French, about the pictures on pages 68, 70, and name the parts of the body.
     2. Recite: "Ah, tu sotriras Biquette," or, "Lost in the Fog."

     1. A picture of a story you have read (with a name).
     2. Some sheep and lambs with a dog watching.
     3. A wild flower.

     Father to choose a hymn, a poem, and two passages from the Bible lesson.

     Father to chose unseen passage.

     1. Tell about some composition of Schubert you have heard.
     Examine in work done and report progress.

     Father to choose an English and a French song, and I A, two tonic sol-fa exercises.

     Drill, before parents.

     Outside friend to examine, but list of handicrafts completed to appear on Report Form.


Summer Examination. -- Parents and teachers examine all the work, written and otherwise, and send in their work only. No work to be sent up. This examination is optional. Summer Reports (only) to be posted to the Director P.U.S., The House of Education, Ambleside, either before July 30th or After September 15th.

Examination to occupy a full school week.

Reports are enclosed to be filled up by parents or techers on all subjects. Name in full, ages and classes to appear on the Reports. Schools and Classes should state the number of children working in each Form.

For scale of marks to be followed in all subjects see head of Report Forms.

In Form I B the teacher writes down the narrations. In I A the pupil writes one answer and narrates the rest. In Upper I A two answers should be written.

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