Programme for Term 42 Form IA

Programme 42. (The 42nd term of work set since the P.R.S. began.)

Parents' National Educational Union

Parents' Review School


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Bible Lessons.
Church of Ireland Sunday School Lessons (III), by the Rev. J. Paterson Smyth (Glaisher, 1/-); Joshua, Lessons ix., x.; Judges, Lessons i., ii., iii., iv., v., vi.; The Acts, Lessons xvii., xviii., xix., xx., and those on Easter, Ascension, and Whitsunday. Children might use Nelson's Illustrated New Testament (1/11). Teacher to prepare beforehand as much of each lesson as the children can understand and to use the Bible passages in teaching.
Joshua and Judges can be obtained separately in The Bible for the Young (Sampson Law, x/-).

The "New Handwriting," by M. M. Bridges (Mrs. Bridges, Yattenden, Newbury, 2/8), page 3, lines 1 and 2, one letter to be mastered each lesson; teacher study instructions. To be able to write, or print, letters from dictation and copy.
Beginners.--Left-hand half of page 4.

Natural History.
The Animal Story Book, by Andrew Lang (Longmans, 5/8), pages 295-328. To be able to tell about six creatures (with all that you can yourself notice about them). By Pond and River, by A. Buckley (Mrs. Fisher), (Cassell, 6d.), pages 1-48.

The World at Home (Nelson, 2/8), pages 254-296. Make maps in tray of sand and show valleys, rivers, hills, villages. Children to describe and tell about six places "father and mother" have visited.

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