Six Voices, One Story

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Six Voices, One Story: The Heart of AmblesideOnline

We are thrilled to announce that our book, "Six Voices, One Story: The Heart of AmblesideOnline" is available at in paperback ($amzn), hardcover ($amzn), or Kindle (K) (audible yet to come).

This book is written by the AmblesideOnline Advisory: Donna-Jean Breckenridge, Lynn Bruce, Wendi Capehart, Karen Glass, Leslie Laurio, and Anne White. It's the story of how we created AmblesideOnline and how God nurtured our friendship and continues to sustain us through over twenty years of working together.

The AmblesideOnline Advisory began as a band of mothers who followed God and the vitalizing ideas of Charlotte Mason, and who along the way were blessed with an enduring and extraordinary friendship. Six Voices, One Story: The Heart of AmblesideOnline tells how this free curriculum was created, and shares our heart for "education for all." We pray that this will be a blessing in your life. Thank you for being on this journey with us.

Six Voices, One Story: The Heart of AmblesideOnline
Now available at! In Paperback ($amzn), Hardcover ($amzn), or Kindle (K)

December 21, 2023: Cindy Rollins and Dawn Duran talked with Donna-Jean Breckenridge about the book on The New Mason Jar Podcast, which you can listen to here.

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