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Full Version: 2016 AO Conference!!! SAVE THE DATE!!!!
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I did it!!! I just registered! Anyone coming from central AR? I haven't decided yet between flying or driving.
Wishing you all a great time from the east coast!! Sure do wish I could be there. Sigh.
We are working on the schedule/agenda this week - it's coming together!  We're so excited for this conference, and especially looking forward to being with each of you.  

We'll post updates soon!  We have some wonderful things being planned.
I'm so excited! Can't wait!

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I just registered!! I am so excited!
Registered! I live in Farmers Branch (North Dallas), so I am commuting! Seriously, so excited!!

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I am registered and jumping out of my skin excited!!! I will be heading up from Magnolia, TX with some other ladies in our CM group. I am feeling very blessed right now!
Is it possible to have a 18 year old and a child stay in the room with me and NOT attend the conference or would we need to make arrangements to stay elsewhere?  NEVER MIND - she doesn't want to go with me! ;0)
But yes, it's possible to stay and not attend.
Can't wait to meet everyone!!