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Full Version: 2016 AO Conference!!! SAVE THE DATE!!!!
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So excited to see you all tomorrow! Please be careful in the rain. Bring umbrellas and prepare to walk in rain.
AA I am unable to make it and a woman named Jenny (unsure of her last name as she answered my ad) is taking my place and picking up my bags and mug to mail to me. I will email you as well.
(05-19-2016, 09:59 AM)Primeperiwinkle Wrote: [ -> ]I think I will be there just past twelve at the Dove's whatever it's called! Google to the rescue! I'm so eager to get this party started!

The Dove's Nest?
(05-19-2016, 01:31 PM)Lindsaytaylortaylor Wrote: [ -> ]The Dove's Nest?
Yes, the Dove's Nest at noon tomorrow! We'll see you there!

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I'm in! I'm already here at the hotel. I'll see you girls at noon!
(05-18-2016, 03:53 PM)NaomiG Wrote: [ -> ]Yes, there's a handout that everyone will receive at check-in, which, by the way was put together beautifully by Amy Tuttle, along with some other surprises  [:P cheesy, cheesy!] and that will have the schedule and info you need. Everyone will be given details on how to register for the breakouts at some point either during check in or maybe at the welcome session so don't worry! 

You can also see the schedule on line here:
I'll be arriving later today, probably around session time. Check in will still be open for us late comers, right?
I'm so disappointed that I am too sick to travel to Texas today for the conference. If anyone is local and wants to take my spot, just let the coordinators know. My friends will pick up my mug and bag for me. I was sure looking forward to meeting you all and hugging you. Trusting in the Lord that home is where He wants me this weekend. Praying you all have a blessed weekend!!!!!!!
Michelle Choe
There were multiple people who were interested in mine, I will let you know if someone takes it!
How is the weather there?

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We r two hrs away but had to pull over to wait out this horrible weather!

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