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Full Version: 2016 AO Conference!!! SAVE THE DATE!!!!
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I am okay going to anything. I do not mind just going to whatever breakout room has the fewest people. I want to hear it all. Is there a way to tell which breakout sessions will be the most full? I went to a conference once where each room for the different sessions were the same size and we lost about 10-15 minutes of time having to send people from the most popular rooms into the less popular rooms because of fire laws for room occupancy levels and they could not start the talks until the standing people left and then even the less full rooms were disrupted by all the people still coming in 10 minutes into the talk. I remember thinking how difficult conference running is. How do you predict the people flow? All this to say, I really am so thankful that you guys are doing all this!
Thank you to all who are planning this, for all your hard work and thoughtfulness. Your generosity is humbling and inspires me.
I have grand plans of emailing a survey to all the registrees to guage interest. Maybe I should actually get that done! That way we can plan space.

More than likely, at conference registration we'll have sign up sheets or tickets or something for each room so you'll know in advance where you'll fit.
Survey is sent! Please respond only once. ;-)
Where can I find the survey?
Check the email you used to register.
Wait. It didn't go. Boo! Recreating.
(04-29-2016, 05:31 AM)WendiC Wrote: [ -> ]Dawn is paying to attend, same as everybody else. And yet she's donating her time and one session to do Swedish Drill because she's amazing like that. We're covering AA expenses but Naomi is a homeschooling mom, too, and she wants to attend some sessions and get some ideas (she's got a child entering year 9 and is especially keen on attending that session).

I apologize if I came across wrong. I know you list the teachers for the classes in the tentative schedule but I have no idea who anyone is or what anyone does. As far as I knew all the women teaching the classes were famous specialists, thoroughly trained and proficient in all things Charlotte Mason and charging for their services (not volunteers paying to come! Lol Oops!). I had no idea it was all volunteer moms running this entire conference!

I also wasn't trying to ask for anyone to seriously change anything, but as the schedule is still mentioned as being tentative, and someone had mentioned doing a poll, I thought I'd kind of tongue in cheek throw it out there - in a perfect world! ;) Again, super sorry if I offended anyone!
Ok, now the survey should be there. Whew!

The schedule isn't so much tentative as it is that we recognize something might come up that forces us to change it. We hope not to change it!

Yes, this is an all volunteer effort. These presenters are all experts, for sure. You couldn't hear from anyone more qualified. But they aren't professional CM spokespeople, and they aren't being paid.
Being moms and volunteers does not make us less qualified or proficient in our topics. Some of our presenters are authors. Dawn is a licensed physical therapist.

AO has always been fueled by volunteers, but that vision of presenting a cm education available to all for free does not mean there are not years of study and practice behind it, more than you will find even among the 'paid professionals.'

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